Friday, October 24, 2014

Alabama in Ukraine??

  Leslye and I come all the way from Birmingham, Alabama to Odessa, Ukraine and what do we find?

    First there was an Alabama or Auburn store in Jerusalem. Now the Alabama Poker Sport Club in Odessa. What's next? Live from Ukraine. Shalom from David & Leslye Schneier

Sunday, October 12, 2014

On to Odessa

     On October 18th, Leslye and I take off on a journey to Odessa, Ukraine to gather with Messianic Jewish leaders from Romania, Czech Republic, Croatia, Russia and Ukraine. The last time we were there in April hostilities broke out between those loyal to Ukraine and supporters of Russian separatists in the east. Over 50 people died during the conflict. Please pray for our travels and for us to bring God's word to a very troubled nation. It is a privilege for us to be amongst such a great company of followers of Yeshua. Shalom, David & Leslye Schneier.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Hidden Truth about Ukraine

      Sorry for the long delay from my last post. The following article in Newsweek is worth your attention if you want to understand what the Russian government is doing in Ukraine. Not surprising but very troubling. Check this out at Please keep praying and supporting Ukraine in its lonely quest of simply trying to be free as a nation. We will be in Odessa in late October to encourage the leaders of the Messianic Jewish movement there. Blessings, David Schneier

Friday, July 25, 2014

Paris gets ugly for Jews

Here's some photos from Haaretz about violent demonstrations against Jews and Israel in Paris. Do you still think Islam is peaceful? Shalom, David Schneier

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Israel, Islam and ant-Semitism

Protests in the Netherlands

    This is the face of Islam in Europe where there are laws against disparaging other religions. So protesting against Israel, equating the Jewish state with Hitler and Nazism, is fair game. This is in Europe where 6 million Jews were murdered because they were Jews. What a lie is being perpetrated! What are the believers in Europe doing to counteract these lies? What if you went to a Muslim country and walked around with a sign saying that Islam = Nazism? Will we see similar protests in the US in the name of freedom and how will believers react here? This is the time for those who really love Israel and the Jewish people to go public about their support for the right of Israel to exist.
Shalom, David Schneier

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Shavuot, the Ten Commandments and Chief Justice Roy Moore of the Alabama Supreme Court

     Tonight, at 7 pm, we will be celebrating the Jewish Feast of Shavuot at Beth Hallel focusing on the giving of the Torah to the Jewish people as well as the Holy Spirit to Israel and the nations. Chief Justice Roy Moore of the Alabama Supreme Court will be our guest speaker. As you may remember he refused to remove the Ten Commandments from the Alabama Supreme Court despite the order of a US District Court. He was removed from his position for that stand but some years later was re-elected. Come and hear why he took that stand and how that is deeply relevant to us today no matter what our faith is. Hope we will see you there. We are located at 2230 Sumpter St., Birmingham, Al. The celebration will be on live stream at Shalom. Rabbi David Schneier

Sunday, May 11, 2014

The real face of life in Ukraine - Please don't forget those who are suffering there!

   Leslye and I just got back from a week in Ukraine. It seems the news from Ukraine is slipping to 2nd page status. But the general situation is deteriorating evidenced by this letter from a friend in Ukraine who is part of the Messianic Jewish congregation we helped to plant there in 1995. Please pray for this family who now have no work and little natural hope to find any. If you want to help this family please let me know as soon as possible. Shalom, David Schneier

   "Today, on may 8, 2014 on the eve of great Victory day there are a lot of rumors in Odessa and Ukraine as a whole. Even the residents of Moscow are a little afraid of the fact that Ukrainians are allegedly preparing a major terrorist attack in Moscow. In turn Ukrainians fear that the Russians will commit terrorist acts either in Ukraine or in Moscow and accuse Ukrainians. 

   Yes, all this affects the tense atmosphere in Odessa. Today I was in the Privoz (big open air market). Private vendors that bring in private products (milk, vegetables, meat) are trying to sell all products by the evening to leave Odessa because to stay in the city is too dangerous. In the stores there are lines because people are buying goods of the first necessity. Many are storing water in large quantities. We don't do that. We believe in the Lord and hope that all this tension is just intimidation and pitting people against each other. And the sad thing is that this comes out! People have become quite aggressive and scared. In our daughter's school, typically, the class is visited by 30 students, but today there were only 5 children. The rest stayed home because their parents are afraid to drive them to school. At drama school were my husband works the school has completely abolished lessons.

   Ah, Yes! I totally forgot to tell you one very unpleasant news! My husband's ship where he works as a music director suffered some damage (fire or explosion), and the cruises in Ukraine were abolished altogether. Now, we need your support in prayer that he finds a new job. The incident on the ship occurred one day before the beginning of the cruise so we were left with nothing. Pray for us please!
Tomorrow we plan to spend at home in prayer. We know that your congregation has not abandoned us! We are confident in your prayer support! Thank God for your hearts!