Friday, March 6, 2009

The Sorbonne - the beat goes on

A block away perhaps a thousand riot police surrounded the main buildings of the Sorbonne. All the doors were shut and manned by the riot police with 23 students inside effectively keeping out thousands of others. I ran into a couple of sympathizers one bearing a Communist insignia on his sleeve and Lenin pins on his lapel. He explained to me that France was in a perpetual revolution since their Revolution of old, and that the communists had the answers for the people. Right! Another guy said that the will of the people was paramount but he couldn't explain what that was. I told him I had spent 12 years in Ukraine and was not impressed by the after effects of Communism. I mean, Stalin starved, worked to death or killed about 7 million Ukrainian farmers in the name of farm collectivism. The pictures above depict the enormity of the Sorbonne, protestors banners ("The Sorbonne is a political animal."), communist sleeve patches and riot police. This activity is really a distraction from the real problems here but there are many who believe that the French Revolution should never end. Shalom from Paris. David Schneier

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