Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fall Schedule

Here's what our fall is beginning to look like:

1. September 16-21: Head of the Year Conference, Denton, TX
2. October 10-11: Chuck Pierce conference in Paris
3. October 18-25: Leadership conference in Odessa, Ukraine
4. October 30-November 9: USA
5. October 31-Nov 4: IAMCS Steering Committee meeting, Orlando, FL
6. November 5: Sharing at The Garden Gate, Mt. Dora, FL
7. November 7: Sharing at Beth Judah, Ormond Beach, FL
8. November 8: Possibly sharing in Daytona or Orlando area
9. November 9: Return to Paris

We also may be visiting messianic groups in Czech and Spain this fall and having a leadership seminar in the Netherlands in the Spring. Shalom. David Schneier

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