Thursday, May 27, 2010

Made it to Amsterdam!

    Well, I made it to Amsterdam by train from Paris for the IAMCS European conference even though there was some type of rail strike . There is supposed to be a general strike in France next week and American Airlines, who we fly with to the US, may have a strike as well. British Air is having a cabin workers strike and it is the airline on which 5 Messianic leaders from the IAMCS are traveling here to share at the conference. Thank God they all made it but the first leg of their return flight has been canceled. I just received an e-mail that the father of a key Messianic leader from Belgium is near death in Italy so this leader cannot come. The local team in Amsterdam has received many spiritual attacks as we seek to unite the body of Messiah in Europe and to have them focus on reaching the Jewish people and building healthy messianic congregations here. Please pray for us because what will happen here can have a huge impact on the Messianic movement in Europe. Love & Shalom. David Schneier

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