Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Are the Dutch unknowingly sponsoring anti-Semitism with state funds? You decide

The article below is from the ICEJ internet update of 11/29/20. If your country paid for anti-Semitism what would you do about it? Shalom from "it can only happen here" Europe. David Schneier

Dutch-funded church NGO supports radical Palestinian siteThe Dutch aid organization Interchurch Organization for Development Cooperation, which is financed by the Dutch Government, has been financially supporting the anti-Semitic website Electronic Intifada, according to NGO Monitor. “Electronic Intifada is a leader in the demonization of Israel, including the BDS (boycott, divestment, and sanctions) campaign, and frequently compares the Israeli military to Nazis,” NGO Monitor claimed. The Dutch government provided ICCO with 124 million Euros in 2008, while 8.5 million Euros came from the European Union. When The Jerusalem Post confronted the Dutch Foreign Minister with the information, he responded: "I will look into the matter personally. If it appears that the government-subsidized NGO ICCO does fund Electronic Intifada, it will have a serious problem with me.”

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