Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Poll on Anti-Semitism in Europe. This is unbelievable!

British skinheads (REUTERS)Poll shows widespread antipathy for Israel in Europe
A German think tank on Tuesday released a report aimed to study the increasing levels of anti-Semitism in a range of selected countries across Europe. On the question "Israel is conducting a war of extermination against the Palestinians," 47.7 percent of the German respondents agreed, while 63.3 percent of the Poles said that Israel is seeking to obliterate the Palestinians. On the question, "I can understand why people do not like Jews," 35.6 percent of the German respondents answered in the affirmative, followed by 35.9 percent for Britain, 41.1 percent for the Netherlands and 55.2 percent for Poland. According to Dr Clemens Heni, a German scholar who has studied the phenomenon of secondary anti-Semitism, "the new anti-Semitism is spread not just by neo-Nazis, but also by mainstream left-wing members of parliament, left-wing activists, extremist Muslims and the European elites."

 (From ICEJ internet newsletter of 3/16/11) Shalom, from David Schneier

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