Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Photos by Messianic Rabbi Joel Liberman at Odessa/IAMCS leadership conference, March 2011

[Shalom from David Schneier. These photos were taken by Messianic Rabbi Joel Liberman during our late March, 2001 leadership conference in Odessa, Ukraine. Enjoy!]Rabbi Joel with Yura & Ina Korshun, leaders of the IAMCS congregation in Nikolaiv, Ukraine

The whole team from Rabbi Eric Walker's and Rabbi Joel Liberman;s congregations, Giovanni Melchionda, a leader in the Italian Messianic movement and Rabbi David & Leslye Schneier

The Odessa opera house!

Team members from the US, Czech and Ukraine visiting an orphanage in Odessa on 4/1/11

Rabbi Joel with a survivor of the Holocaust at a banquet for the survivors in Odessa on 4/1/11 

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