Friday, September 16, 2011

Photo by Julia Xanthos/News

The latest front in the Arab/Israeli conflict is in the New York City subways. This is similar to the skirmish in the Seattle bus system where anti-Israel ads were pulled before they went up due to public outrage. But who can resist the smiley faces in NY. And are these kids being taught anti-Semitism in Palestinian schools funded by EU coffers. Will these kids help fire thousands of rockets into Israel with little international outcry? Will they try to sail into Gaza with arms while being protected by Turkey's navy (or so they say)? Will they enter Israeli homes at night and slaughter innocent families including sleeping children. All of this is possible because they are being taught to hate the Jew, to drive them into the sea and those who kill the Jew will be rewarded in the afterlife. They are taught that israel has no right to exist and that it was created because of a Jewish fabricated story of the Holocaust. The Jew is dehumanized and demonized in their eyes making all action taken against them justified. This week a Palestinian leader said the new Palestinian state should be Jewish-free. Sound familiar? And what's up with Palestinian leaders insisting on pre-1967 now borders when after countless wars and lost lives and treasure they could have had the same in 1948 had they accepted the two state proposals offfered by world leaders. Come on MTA and the NYC subways! These ads are patently offensive and have no place in the Metro. They are in effect "fighting words" which are not protected by the First amendment. You could not put an ad in the Metro that 9/11 was actually a CIA plot. This is bound to lead to violence and responsibility will fall on the government. And the lawyers will follow. Shalom, David Schneier

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