Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dear All,
   It took just 2 hours and 15 minutes to ride the train from the center of Paris to downtown London yesterday. At the famous St. Pancras station (I called it Pancreas) I met Larry Trishkin who is the messianic leader of the IAMCS congregation, Derech HaShem. The congregation joined the IAMCS in July and this was my first visit for ministry to England. Last night we gathered together 20 members of the congregation for their Erev Shabbat meeting and it was a wonderful time together. They really have a Messianic vision for their congregation and for England. We all sensed something new will be happening in the Messianic movement in England which needs a fresh wind of the Holy Spirit. Tonight I will be meeting with the leaders of the congregation and tomorrow before returning to Paris I will be speaking at a church. Hope you enjoy the photos below and please pray for my time in England. (One of the photos is of me presenting the IAMCS certificate of membership to Larry for Derech HaShem Congregation.) Shalom from London. David Schneier

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