Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Torah and Paris

  Just before Shavuot the IAMCS Messianic congregation in Paris received an awesome gift - a Torah - from Rabbis Zachi Shapira. More on that in another update. The weekend later, on May 26th, I was able to share that gift at a gathering/conference/concert sponsored by Paul Wilbur and Chuck Pierce. For those of you don't know French history, there was a time that Torahs and Talmuds were confiscated from Jewish synagogues and burned in public in Paris. The return of a Torah from IsraeI to the Messianic movement in Paris was a sign of revival from the Lord. We experienced those winds of revival at the IAMCS leadership conference the week before and the same thing happened at the Paul Wilbur/Chuck Pierce gathering as I walked the Torah amongst several thousand people. Many people, Jew and Gentile, kissed the Torah as it passed by. 
Baruch Hashem!!!Shalom from David Schneier in Paris.


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