Sunday, September 15, 2013

From David & Leslye

Dear All,

   We have accepted the positions as Rabbi and Rebbetzin of Messianic Congregation Beth Hallel Birmingham beginning on November 8, 2013. We will continue our international ministry in Europe with Beth Hallel as our base. Our vision is that the congregation will be a hub for outreach to the Jewish people, both in the US and Europe, that it will be a center of praise and prayer, that it will serve to the poor and that there will be an expectation of a mighty move of the Holy Spirit there.

   The installation will be at Beth Hallel on November 8th and all are invited. We call on all of our supporters of our European ministry to continue to do so we can maintain and expand the outreach to the Jewish people abroad while serving as congregational leaders in the US. Please pray for us as this transition will be challenging to say the least as we have lived in an urban environment for 18 years abroad in Odessa and Paris.

   Blessings, Love and Shalom. David and Leslye


  1. Shalom David & Leslye,

    Woow, that is a big change! MAZEL TOV!

    G-d bless, David & Caroline