Tuesday, January 28, 2014

URGENT - Need prayer in Birmingham, AL

Just two to four inches of snow is grinding Birmingham, AL to a halt. Cars are being abandoned on all of the highways. Two of our congregants and the secretary of a church that rents from us will staying with us overnight. And we just got a call from a mother stranded somewhere that her child, who is 6 months old, is at a daycare center across from the street from us. The workers there want to leave and they are telling her that it's not legal to keep her child overnight. Now Leslye is telling me there are 30+ kids stranded there by the snow at the day care center. Not sure how this is going to work out so pray for us. David & Leslye Schneier

 This just in. A woman stranded on I-65 saw our building and called to see if she could seek refuge there. The night begins!!


  1. Praying for you both!! Yeshua, give them all strength. Wish I was closer, I would soooo be there to help!! Lynette

  2. David and Leslye, shalom u brahol me Israel!

  3. Trudi & I will keep them all in prayer. The power of praying to the Lord is AWESOME!! It took us 10 hours to drive 21 miles from Alpharetta, Ga. to our home in Marietta, Ga.constantly praying to God the entire way & thanking Him when we arrived homer safely. Even our dog was O.K. after being left alone in the house for 14 hours.