Friday, May 2, 2014

Riots in Odessa/Three to four are dead!

  There were riots in the streets started probably by Russian provocateurs. They are continuing near the train station where it was reported that the regional government building was taken over. Earlier a van was found by pro-Ukrainian supporters near our hotel that contained guns, ammo and molotov cocktails. The van had Russian markings.
  When the people in the van were questioned the riots broke out. We could hear gunfire and police stun grenades for several hours. Three or four people have been been killed The police used stun grenades to disperse the crowds. Protestors were using rocks and pistols. The smell of burning rubber and gun powder was in the air.  This is the first I have had access to the internet since all of this began at about 3:45 pm local time. Please pass this e-mail on to all who will pray. We are scheduled to leave here on Sunday. Shalom. David and Leslye Schneier

Smoke filling the main pedestrian walking street

Police bus taking those who started the deadly riot.They were given a choice: Surrender or we'll give to the gathered Ukrainians who wanted to, at the very least, beat them. They surrendered!


  1. Be careful. We are all praying for you and are glad you all are safe.

  2. Praying, Rabbi! May He surround you with angels to guard you and bring you home safely.