Saturday, November 21, 2015

Report from Paris

   Here's a report from a Pastor (who is also a friend of ours) of a church near Stade de France just outside of Paris where one of the recent terrorist and murderous acts of jihadist Muslims in France. I heard recently that we may already "lost" 200 Syrian refugees in Mobile, AL so this should be of interest to those who are concerned about the vetting process of refugees in light of the attacks in France. At this point the news reports are now saying that maybe two of the terrorists who attacked Paris recently entered Europe as Syrian refugees through Greece.
Shalom. David Schneier

Hi David,
Yes this is a bit of a trying time.  First of all we are extremely grateful to God that no one in our churches was killed or injured in the events.  As you know three bombs went off at the Stade de France which is very close to our church.  Only 1 passerby was killed!  Three kamikazes, and only one victim.  This is not exactly the kind of victory ISIS is looking for.  According to the police, it would appear that one of the terrorists actually walked to an alley, out of harm’s way, before detonating the device. (We would like to think that the years of prayer and intercession over our neighborhood was somewhat responsible for the protection over the 80,000 people in the stadium and the thousands of residents.) We still need prayer.  Thursday is day of prayer and fasting for us.  We will have a prayer team down town at the Bataclan while our church is in prayer; and we will stream it all at 7:30 pm Paris time (1:30 New York). You know the French, they are afraid, and defiant, at the same time.  There are a number of articles that I’ve posted to my blog that give a pretty good description of what is happening here.  Feel free to read it and share it:

Thank you for standing with us.  God bless you all richly.

Robert Baxter

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