Thursday, February 5, 2009

From the streets of Paris

So I was minding my business at a cafe preparing for a teaching next week on Shabbat (Feb. 13th at 7:30pm at the American Church of Paris) and all of a sudden about 20 vans of riot police showed up and cordoned off the little traffic circle near where I was sitting. These guys look like a black and blue version of the all white Darth Vader troops, with full riot armor on. A few students tried to get by the wall of men with clear shields and they were simply pushed aside. Since we live at the Sorbonne we will need to get used to these types of police responses to scheduled demonstrations and protests that are always happening in our area. They even post signs in the buses and metro when service will be disrupted due to "manifestations," the French word for public, pre-planned disturbances. No one could say who were the demonstrators or what the massive police buildup was about. Most commented, "It's the students again." A still small voice said inside of me, "You were born for this." Love and Shalom. David Schneier


  1. Thanks. Do we know you? You may want to check out a book by my friend, Robert Heidler, that helps explain what the real deal was. It's called, "The Messianic Church Arising," and it talks about what the 1st century body of Messiah was like, what was removed from it and what needs to be returned. You can buy it at

  2. I was recently wondering what you guys were doing still in Paris. I figured it was more than a trip but probably a transplant. I did read the book Messianic Church Arising and was tremendously blessed by it. It is now my #1 referral to anyone interested in Jewish Roots and I well appreciate the balance that Robert Heidler presents in this fine resource.

    Much Love,

    David, Sharon, Joshua, Judah, Josiah, Joel & Arielle

  3. Thanks David for your note. Please let us know what is going on with your clan. We are part of Glory of Zion and work with Chuck Pierce and Robert Heidler.