Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We are recovering from jet lag and getting back into the flow of life in Paris. Monday, we met with a local guy who has a lot of experience with organizing events in France. He told us something that gives a picture of life here: The French develop relationships before they organize anything and maintaining a real relationship is key to walking together. They can support events that Americans organize but that will not bring lasting fruit if we have our event and then just leave and not be heard from again. This was so important to know if we want to bring new flows of the Spirit into France that won't be just a flash in the pan. As one writer put it, the God of Israel is not the God of the show. This is especially important as we begin to lay the groundwork for Chuck Pierce of Glory of Zion to share here in the fall of 2009. We were told that many in France are skeptical or distrust the restoration of apostles and prophets to the body of Messiah yet without these gifted leaders the body is not complete and its destiny is hindered. We were also told of apostolic leaders weeping because of the rejection of their annointing and no avenue to fulfill their calling. Please pray for this important time for Chuck to speak into the body in France, this key country in Europe and the world. Shalom. David Schneier


  1. What you've just shared is so painfully true David about 'apostles and prophets' just wanting to fit into the Body of Yeshua and serve without any fanfare. Seems like leadership is reluctant to do church God's way. If we neglect to build His church according to the pattern of Ephesians 4, it is the same as Moses deciding to re-work the drawings for the Tabernacle to reflect his own preferences. Maybe it is why the church, especially in western culture, seems to be wandering aimlessly?? Barry

  2. Thanks Barry. Glad you're there. This conference in the fall will have an awesome impact on France!