Thursday, March 10, 2011

On to Prague, Odessa and Auschwitz

 David & Leslye
We are in Paris preparing for a powerful leadership conference in Odessa, Ukraine from March 29th-31st. For the first time since the Hear O Israel outreach of 1995, a sizeable American Messianic Jewish team from the US (California and Alabama) are coming to Odessa to bless and serve Messianic congregations from throughout Ukraine. Included in its ranks are Messianic Rabbi Eric Walker and his wife, Lora, and Messianic Rabbi Joel Liberman. On my way to Odessa, I will be stopping for a few days in Prague to spend time with our IAMCS congregation's leaders, Jarda & Rut Kupka, and share at their congregation on March 26th.
    Also we are hosting at the Odessa conference Messianic leaders from Italy and Jarda and Rut from the Czech Republic, and Leslye is returning for the first time since we moved to France. We will spend three days with about 250 Messianic believers (including many from the 16 Ukrainian IAMCS congregations) and then visit two of the six orphanages we work with. On April 1st, which is "Humorina" day in Odessa, we will hold a banquet for at least 30 of the Holocaust Survivors we care for. Miraculously, a Messianic Jewish congregation of survivors, their children and grand children has grown out of our 15 year ministry to these precious Jewish people.
    On our return to Paris, we will make a short stopover in Poland to visit Auschwitz and Schindler's factory. This is our first visit to a Nazi death camp and war factory and we expect the Lord to speak to us there. Please pray for the travel of the American teams, the leaders from Europe and Leslye and I and all of the details of the retreat and ministry in Odessa.
    Thank you for being part of all of this. There are some extra financial needs for us personally and for the Odessa congregation connected with this retreat above what I mentioned in our last e-mail update. Please consider a special donation to cover these costs by contacting us.
Shalom from Paris.  David Schneier

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