Thursday, March 10, 2011

Upcoming Schedule for the Schneiers

Here's our upcoming schedule:
  • March 25-27: David in Prague, Czech Republic sharing at IAMCS congregation
  • March 28-April 2nd: David & Leslye in Odessa,  Ukraine for leadership retreat and banquet for Holocaust survivors
  • April 3rd-5th: David & Leslye in Warsaw, Krakow, Auschwitz and Schindler's factory
  • April 19-26th: David & Leslye at Glory of Zion in Denton, TX for Passover conference. David will be sharing at the conference
  • May 26-30th: David at IAMCS conference in Amsterdam. David will be sharing at the conference as well as Jeff Forman, David Chernoff and local European leaders. Joel Chernoff will lead worship during two concerts.
  • July 3rd-10th: David and Leslye at annual MJAA conference at Messiah College near Harrisburg, PA. We will be sharing at the conference.
  • July 15th or 16th: Maybe David & Leslye will be at Beth Yehsua in Philadelphia, PA
  • July 23rd: David & Leslye will be sharing at Beth Simcha in Wilmington, NC 
  • July 29th: David & Leslye will be sharing at Beth Hallel in Birmingham, AL.
  • October 22nd-27th: David at MJAA/IAMCS Exec. meetings in Orlando, FL

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