Monday, January 20, 2014

New update from Ukraine

My contact in Ukraine has forwarded me new statements from those demonstrating in Ukraine against the new regulations concerning free speech, assembly and religious freedom. I have other  things to track down about what this such as do the regulations only apply to meetings in the street or also for churches and are funds being blocked to churches for no demonstration purposes.

"WE met with a lawyer this evening and they have enacted 2 new laws today.
1.  No public prayer with 3 or more people.
2.  It is now illegal to import bibles into the country. 

 We met a lawyer tonight who is keeping up with issues. I asked her your question. It is illegal to send money to NGO's & churches from outside. They monitoring the groups that are supporting the opposition. That's why the law was put into place.  Money from outside are being sent to these groups to support the movement, not the church etc.  they said they don't know what would happen to funds if they really enact the law."

I have no way yet to verify these quotes from Ukraine yet but my source is quite reliable and not given to exaggeration. Shalom. David Schneier

 Models stand on the barricade during their performance at the Independence Square in Kiev Photograph:
Thousands of anti-government protesters gather in the evening at Independence Square in Kiev
People sleep in the camp on Independence Square in Kiev during the square's occupation by supporters of western integration for the seventh successive day. Photograph:


  1. Hello there precious Messianic brothers and sisters. I got this because I worshiped with Beth Hallel in Birmingham. But now I am back on the job in Southern Ukraine (Crimea) where I have residency. It is where our mission is located too. I don't understand the new law against importing Bibles. Only someone who has never read it would make such a law. We have high hopes for Ukraine. Dear Lord may this only be a short hiccup on the way to real freedom in the Messiah. And may the West also renew their religious freedom that is being challenged now. If someone up Kiev way needs a southern rest contact us at

  2. I'm here in Kiev... we haven't heard anything about this. I am well connected in church circles.

    1. This is all over the internet and the news. See if the Kiev Post has some articles. I have had info from different parts of Ukraine saying these laws have passed.