Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Further update from source in Ukraine

  • The unrest is spreading south and west in Ukraine. How long will we be silent? Here are words from a source in Ukraine
    Shalom. David Schneier

    Now the military can detain and search people just on the streets!
    Today, the entire territory of Ukraine listing "anti-terrorist operation" with the involvement of the army.
    soldiers have the right to detain citizens to check their documents and make a personal inspection

  • 1:26pm
    In the city of Ternopil, head of "Berkut" (riot police, who oppose the revolutionaries) swear on the Bible to serve the Ukrainian people, and refuse to submit to the President!! Aliluya! Praise the Lord for such brave and honest people! Unfortunately this is just one city!
  • 1:45pm

    Maybe you do not know , but I am part of a professional choir , we sing classical works ( Bach, Beethoven , Mozart). Often act in Odessa and other cities ( I have traveled almost the whole of Europe with this choir ) . Today we had a concert in the German church, before the show came out the pastor assistant told us that today a number of senior ministers of the church led by Pastor were near the city administration. They stood peacefully with placards " Do not shoot innocent people , we want peace ! " .Half an hour after the action began, the bus arrived with "Berkut" and policemen jumped out with batons and beat a crowd of peaceful protists! Without warning or announcements! Affected people, the pastor of a German church in the hospital with a head injury!

    Lutheran Pastor in Odessa

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