Wednesday, February 19, 2014

New report from Ukraine

Just received this e-mail from the wife of our worship leader in Odessa.  As I receive more info I will share it with "all you all." Please keep up your prayer for these brave people. It may be that we can do something for them in the near future. I will let you know what that might be.Shalom. David Schneier

Dear David,
 ! consistently read your blog and are very grateful to you for your heart to Ukraine and all that is happening in our country! I know that you hang out with many people from Ukraine and before that we did not want to take much of your time to communicate with us, but now decided to write and extended our gratitude that you still part of our congragation and our country.
What is now happening in Kiev on Maydan and in the hearts and minds of all citizens across the country - it's scary ! People are being killed , imprisoned and beaten. People are dying on both sides ... and we pray for our country and our people , no matter who they are students-revolutionaries or police . We are all Ukrainians! If it will not be amiss, I'm ready to collect information about events in Ukraine and send you. Maybe this will be another source of information for you.

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