Monday, December 21, 2009

Nazis demonstrate against Hannukah in Connecticut

Hannukah in Connecticut. Jews just trying to celebrate a biblical holiday (John 10:22) and they have to put up with Nazi demonstrators! Believers need to wake up to what is going on. Happy Hannukah and Merry Christmas to all. Shalom. David Schneier (Source: as cited by CFCA at on 12/14/09

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Menorah in Moldova destroyed and Cross Replaces It. Check out the Video!

Seeing is believing. In Moldova a menorah on public display is uprooted and broken and a cross is planted to replace it. You have to see the video at Unbelievable? It's happening today. From CFCA at citing its source as

Keep praying for the Jewish people of Europe. David Schneier

Schneier's upcoming schedule

Our schedule for December and January is:
  • 12.12.09
    Sharing at the Messianic Center in Paris France
  • 12.27.09
    Sharing at Jesus the Good Shepherd Church in Paris, France
  • 12.31.09-01.02.10
    Start the Year Off Right with Chuck Pierce at Glory of Zion in Denton, TX
  • 01.03-06.10
    IAMCS Rabbi's Conference, Orlando, FL
  • 01.09.10
    Sharing at Shoresh David in Tampa, FL
  • 01.17.10
    Sharing at T'Shuvat Yisrael in Franklin, TN
Hope to see you in 2010. Shalom. David Schneier

Update from the Schneiers

As our people remember the great victory in Israel by the Maccabees almost 22 centuries ago over their pagan Hellenistic rulers, let us specifically remember the courage of those Jewish fighters who trusted the God of Israel and refused to be conformed by fear to the popular culture, religion and ideology of their day. They chose death over conformity as they observed their faith in a climate of severe persecution. At some point a priestly family from a small village decided they could not endure such hostility against their desire to worship freely the God of Israel. They took up arms to defend themselves and against all eartly odds drove out their oppressors . My prayer is that the body of Messiah has such courage in 2010 to face the spread of anti-Semitism that is gripping the world inn new disguises and with new/old arguments of appeasement of those who would destroy Israel. On a lighter note here's a Hannukah photo we thought you might enjoy of a menorah from Odessa, Ukraine with a base of the Eiffel Tower!

This year the Lord has brought positive steps towards unity and encouragement of the Messianic movement in Europe. First, in Ukraine we had two leadership retreats with 240 leaders and congregants attending from 18 different cities. Another retreat is planned in Crimea in the Spring (April 14-16) and anyone who wants to come is invited. (just contact me by e-mail). Here are photos from the last conference in November in Odessa and reading the Torah at our congregational service after the retreat.

We also had opportunities to gather leaders from the Messianic movement and churches who support the Jewish people in Holland and Paris in May and to speak at congregations and churches in the Netherlands, Belgium and France.Our plans for Spring 2010 include making contacts with Messianic congregations and fellowships in Czech, Italy, Spain and Finland. Before we leave for the IAMCS (International Alliance of Messianic Congregations and Synagogues) Rabbis conference in Orlando (Jan 3-6) we will be sharing in the Messianic congregation of Paris and a Filipino church that embraces Israel and the Jewish people. Through David's efforts as the IAMCS representative in Europe, 5 leaders from Europe were able to attend the MJAA's (Messianic Jewish Alliance of America) conference in the US to encourage them, their congregations and the movement in Europe.

One story about our building relationships with Jewish people here in Paris is worth noting because it is a fulfillment of our prayers that the Lord would bring us Jewish people to share Yeshua with. When you let the Lord take charge of your divine appointments things become very interesting. So it was Erev Yom Kippur and the Lord guided us to a large Sephardic synagogue in central Paris that had been built by Napoleon. I had to sit in the bleachers on the 3rd level because everyone had reserved the seats at 500 Euros each on the other floors below. I wound up seating next to a guy who had married and moved to France 20 years earlier. He was with his son who was to be bar mitzvah-ed the next week in this huge, ornate place. It seats about 2,500 people!

We began talking and then the service was interrupted because the Rabbi was conducting a fund raiser for the synagogue. My new friend was besides himself at this fund raiser during services and he said, "This is why Jesus became a Christian." He explained that the Jewish leaders in Jesus' time were always giving special places and perks to the rich so Jesus went to the poor and then became a Christian. I understood that the Lord had a place for me in this man's life. He then invited me to his son's bar mitzvah the next week. He e-mailed me during the week imploring me to come because he was divorced and he had no other relatives to stand with him during the bar mitzvah. It was a honor to be with him at this very difficult time in his life which normally is a great family celebration. It was also an honor to be in the center of the will of God. I am having lunch with him next Thursday and he has invited me to his Reform synagogue which is attended by some of the mostly influential Jewish people in the city. This is an answer to our prayers. "Lord, send us Jewish people to share your good news with and to build relationships with them that will bear fruit." We understand that the Jewish people are the apple of God's eye so His interest in their redemption is far greater than any plan we might have for them. Thank you Lord for arranging many circumstances like this already in Paris.

Before the Odessa retreat in mid-October, we had the privilege of helping to set up meetings for Chuck Pierce in Paris. Probably 300 people attended and Chuck had a very important word for France which can be read at There was a very strong move of God's spirit during the two meetings which fell at the end of Sukkot (Tabernacles). We also released the French version of Robert Heidler's very important book, "The Messianic Church Arising" which can be found in English at Chuck will be sharing at two sessions at MJAA's Messiah Conference in 2010. Here are some photos from the Paris conference.

Thanks again for your faithful prayers and support this year. We expect next year to be the best yet as we strengthen those who can reach the Jewish people in Europe while we make individual contacts and establish relationships with Jewish people who do not know Yeshua as Messiah. Please pray for us for wisdom and understanding for our next steps in Europe including finding a new apartment because our landlord decided to rent it to another couple after our being here two years because he thought somehow that we wanted to leave. Oy vey! Be blessed in the New Year.
Love and Shalom, David Schneier

Thursday, September 24, 2009

More on Brooklyn Protests

Just a short followup on the last post. Police are investigating notes being left around neighborhoods in Brooklyn before the protest by an alleged church at 3 synagogues and a school in Brooklyn. Not possible in the US? Take a look. Shalom. David Schneier

Let your voices be heard and presence felt in Brooklyn

An alleged Christian church/group will be protesting at 3 synagogues and a school in Brooklyn tomorrow (Sept. 26th). If you want Jewish people to see your support for them as Jews no matter what their degree of liberalism, now is the time to act. Somewhere believers have to make a stand against obvious anti-Semtism in the US. You should see (and you can by reading this blog) the level of anti-Semitism already present in Europe. Here is a sample of their posters so you can be energized to do something. Shalom. David Schneier

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Holocaust deniers will be prosecuted in Holland

The reprinted Holocaust denial cartoon in the Netherlands will be met with a criminal prosecution of the publishing organization there. See my post of August 23, 2009. Here's what's happening: "Dutch prosecutors said Wednesday they will charge an Arab cultural group under hate speech laws for publishing a cartoon that suggests the death of 6 million Jews during World War II is a fabrication." (From CFCA article,, 9.02.09) Big thanks to the Dutch prosecutors for enforcing their laws. Shalom. David Schneier

Friday, August 28, 2009

Anti-Semitism in the US

Remember the Swedish newspaper article alleging the the Israeli army was killing Palestinians so they could sell their body parts. Well, here's a protest poster in Houston, Texas. Sound familiar? Read the Bible. Blood is unkosher! We don't kill gentile children for their blood to make matzah and we don't kill Palestinians to sell their body parts. Shalom from David Schneier

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Holocaust denial from The Arab-European League in Holland

So the Arab-European League in Holland still doesn't believe that the Holocaust happened. Here's a cartoon republished by the League in Holland as reported by the Coordination Forum for Countering Anti-Semitism ( (Click on the cartoon to see it clearly) What is it about revisionists when it comes to denying verifiable facts. It is like the Russian government refusing to acknowledge the deaths of perhaps seven million Ukrainian farmers in the early 1930's due to collectivization polices of Stalin. Millions died of starvation during two years of bumper harvests of wheat in Ukraine. If you want to see a moving documentary of the story in Ukraine try to get a copy of the "Harvest of Despair" released in the US on PBS on Firing Line by Bill Buckley Jr. when no major network had the guts to take on this story. Holocaust denial is an attempt to rewrite history fulfilling the old slogan:

"If you tell a lie often enough, people will believe it. . ."

Shalom from David Schneier

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Love your neighbor?

Yeshua, Jesus, said everything was summed up in loving God and your neighbor. What about this witness? These folks are from an independent Baptist Church. Probably need a one new man seminar! Anyone heard about what these guys are doing? They demonstrated in front of a Messianic congregation in San Antonio, TX recently. Shalom. David Schneier

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Now the Jews are Resposnible for SWINE Flu!

So let me get this straight, not only are we, the Jews, responsible for the current financial collapse worldwide which coincidentally would also trash our fortunes, but now we are responsible for SWINE FLU which isn't kosher at all. Here's what a Dutch journalist "allegedly" said in the Netherlands,

10-08-2009 / Netherlands

Holland - Dutch journalist: Flu pandemics are Jewish conspiracy

Désirée Röver
Désirée Röver

A journalist from Holland who linked Jews to the recent outbreak of flu pandemics drew heavy criticism from a prominent Dutch Jewish organization, that claimed her words were tantamount to antisemitic blood libels.

Holland's largest daily, De Telegraf last week printed an interview with Désirée Röver, 61, who proposed the bird flu pandemic, caused by the virus H5N1, was part of an international conspiracy to reduce the world's population.

Röver is quoted as saying the conspiracy can be traced back to a group of descendants of the Khazars, a nation from the Caucasus believed to have converted to Judaism 1,200 years ago.

De Telegraaf quotes her as saying that these descendants are now "praying to another god; Lucifer, Satan, or however you want to call him" and "are called Rockefeller, Rothschild, Brezinski and Kissinger."

Ronny Naftaniel, who heads the Center for Information and Documentation on Israel (CIDI) - an local antisemitism watchdog, said that this is the first time he has heard such claims from Rover, and added that based on her words, "she does not seem to be right in her head."

Tales of Jews spreading disease "is nothing new and stories of Jews poisoning the water wells are known from many centuries ago and her words are giving rise to that antisemitism."


As reported on the CFCA web site / Is it just me or are the lies of anti-Semitism just going postal. What do you think? Shalom. David Schneier

Friday, July 31, 2009

NY Post brand of anti-Semitism

What do you all make of this? Comments? Looks like a Nazi cartoon from the Documentation Center in Nuremberg. Shalom. David Schneier

From the website of CFCA at
29-07-2009 / United States

USA - NY Daily News published antisemitic cartoon

In response to Glen and Gary McCoys’s antisemitic, syndicated cartoon, The Flying McCoys, which appeared in Monday’s NY Daily News, Assemblyman Dov Hikind yesterday sent a letter to Daily News Publisher Mort Zuckerman “demanding a public apology from your newspaper for displaying this ugly cartoon.”

The Flying McCoys bills itself as a “delightfully absurd comic panel [which] takes superheroes, office humor, huggable animals and twisted relationships, blending them in a bizarre marriage of Gary Larson, The New Yorker, Conan O’Brien and Mad Magazine.”

Hikind, however, completely disagrees with this description. In his letter, Hikind wrote, “A father telling his son to, “Stand back, son. I think Rex has rabbis” with two men dressed in religious garb similar to how many Rabbis dress, including black hats, black coats, beards and side curls, standing on either side of a dog is not just demeaning, insulting and repulsive but surely smacks of antisemitism á la Goebbels."

Hikind, a child of Holocaust survivors continued, “The arrests last Thursday by the FBI of 44 individuals… [is] no excuse to slander the entire Jewish people. To imply that Rabbis have rabies and are therefore contagious is to indulge in the vilest type of character assassination.”


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

News from Israel and anti-Semitism worldwide

If you want to find out news from Israel and anti-Semitism worldwide here are some possibilities:

1. Sign up for the English daily email newsletter at
2. This is for info about anti-Semitic events worldwide.Sign up to receive info from them
3. This is for work of Calev Meyers in Israel who is helping Messianic Jews there:
Sign up for their e-newsletter.
3. Largest daily newspaper in Israel (English newspaper):,7340,L-3083,00.html
4. Jerusalem Post:

Shalom from David Schneier

When will they ever learn!

How about this from CFCA (

22-07-2009 / Romania

Romania - Jewish group slams Nazi uniform mayor

Radu Mazare

A Romanian mayor has been criticized by Jewish groups after appearing in a Nazi uniform at a local fashion show.

Costanza mayor Radu Mazare and his 15-year-old son were both dressed in the uniform.

Jewish human rights group the Simon Wiesenthal Centre has called on Mr. Mazare to admit he made a mistake, apologies and resign.

Mr. Mazare says his choice of costume was inspired by the 65th anniversary of the 1944 assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler.

He says the uniform was a German army one, not that of an SS officer.


Fall Schedule

Here's what our fall is beginning to look like:

1. September 16-21: Head of the Year Conference, Denton, TX
2. October 10-11: Chuck Pierce conference in Paris
3. October 18-25: Leadership conference in Odessa, Ukraine
4. October 30-November 9: USA
5. October 31-Nov 4: IAMCS Steering Committee meeting, Orlando, FL
6. November 5: Sharing at The Garden Gate, Mt. Dora, FL
7. November 7: Sharing at Beth Judah, Ormond Beach, FL
8. November 8: Possibly sharing in Daytona or Orlando area
9. November 9: Return to Paris

We also may be visiting messianic groups in Czech and Spain this fall and having a leadership seminar in the Netherlands in the Spring. Shalom. David Schneier

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Update on the "Barbarian" trial in Paris

The prosecutors have decided to retry 14 defendants because of the light sentences given to them in the murder trial of the Barbarian gang who tortured and killed Ilan Halimi in 2006. The main defendant who received a life sentence will not be retried. It remains to be seen if the appelllate court will render justice in this matter. Shalom. David Schneier

Friday, July 10, 2009

Murderers of Ilan Halimi Finally Found Guilty in Paris

The murderers of Ilan Halimi finally were held accountable in the Palace of Justice in Paris today, July 10th, for his torture and death some 3 years ago. These horrific crimes were committed by members of a Muslim gang called the Barbarians. The ring leader of the gang received a life sentence. His response was thumbs up. He said it had been better to live one day as a lion than 100 as a lamb. It took 26 co-conspirators to capture, torture and kill one Jewish man. Not much of a lion. During the trial he threw his shoes at witnesses who described the severity of the torture that caused Ilan's death. Others received long sentences but the parents want the prosecutors to appeal some of the sentences of the co-conspirators. Please pray for France as many will say that the gang members were the real victims of Jewish control, Zionism, a closed French society and poverty. Shalom. David Schneier

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Summer schedule

Here's where Leslye and I will be this summer:

1. Messiah 2009 at Messiah College in Grantham, Pa: June 28th-July 4th
2. DC area: July 5th-10th
2. Beth Yeshua Congregation (Phila., Pa): July 11th
3. NYC area: July 12th to 19th
4. DC area: July 19th to 23rd
5. Beth Simcha Congregation (Wilmington, NC): July 25th
6. Beth Hallel Congregation (Atlanta, GA): July 31st- August 1st.
7. Jekyll Island, GA: August
There may be other stops along the way. Shalom. David Schneier from Paris

Hope in Europe

We just spent 9 days with our friends and Messianic Rabbis, David Chernoff and Jeff Forman, from the IAMCS (International Alliance of Messianic Congregations and Synagogues/David is from Philadelphia and Jeff is from Toronto). We all serve on the Steering Committee of the IAMCS. My wife, leslye, and I have been called to Western Europe to encourage the development of a Messianic movement there after spending 12 years in Ukraine. We gathered Messianic and church leaders in Amsterdam and then in Paris to see what unity exists amongst these divergent groups and whether we as a group could consider sponsoring an all European Messianic conference in 2010, maybe in Paris. At both meetings we were asked to return for leadership conferences and helping to build a vision for what the Messianic movement could be in Europe. This is just beginning steps and we need lots of prayer. Shalom. David Schneier from Paris

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Back from Ukraine

Hey everybody I am back from 2 weeks in Ukraine. We had 140+ leaders and members of Messianic congregations and churches who love the Jewish people gather in Nikolaiv for 3 days. We shared on the responsibility of believers, Jew and Gentile, to make a priority of their relationships to God and man as this is the key to understanding and living all that is contained in God's written and spoken word. There was a lot of time for fellowship and enjoying each other's presence. What a blessing to see each car arrive from 17 cities in Ukraine and its occupants spill out and embrace those who had already arrived. You can see some photos from Odessa and Nikolaiv by copying and pasting the following link:

Shalom, David Schneier



Nikolaev, Ukraine

May 6-8, 2009

Here is a list of the 17 cities represented at the Spring Conference.

The leaders came from all over central and eastern regions of the Ukriane.


Sunday, May 3, 2009

On the Road Again: Odessa, Ukraine

I am back in Odessa, Ukraine to visit with the Messianic congregation, Gateway to Zion, which we helped plant in 1995 and which we became leaders of in 1996. In the first photo, the congregation, led by Sasha, is worshipping the Lord and the middle photo is of the dedication of Elijah, our youngest "member. The last photo is of a wedding reception in McDonalds! My friend, Pastor Barry Boucher of Ottawa, and I are preparing for a leadership retreat in nearby Nikolaiv from May 6th to 8th and a time of sharing in the Messianic congregation there on the 9th. We expect 100 to 150 leaders and congregational members to attend. We should be back in Odessa on May 10th after sharing in a church led by a Jewish couple. We both return to Paris on the 12th and Barry leaves for Canada on the 13th. From May 19th to 29th we will host a team of 4 Messianic believers from the US and Canada including Messianic Rabbis David Chernoff and Jeff Forman. We will have meetings in Amsterdam on May 24th and Paris on May 27-28th to introduce our friends to Messianic leaders in Europe and to discuss the possibility of an all Europe Messianic conference in 2010 which Paul Wilbur has committed to be at. Please be in prayer for all of this and for Leslye in Paris while I am away for 2 weeks. Shalom. David Schneier

Friday, April 24, 2009

Constantine's Blunder

In 312 AD Constantine fought a battle to determine who would be emperor of the Roman Empire. Before the battle, in a French seaside town known as La Croix Valmer, Constantine prayed to Mithras, the sun god, for victory and he saw a vision of a flaming cross next to the sun and the words, "Conquer by this." Constantine was victorious and so he decided he was a Christian. He never stopped being a sun worshipper and his claim of Chrisitan faith is unsupportable. From this "revelation", the state and Christianity became one entity controlled by the Emperor. Three hundred years later the world was in the Dark Ages. For the Jews and Jewish believers in Yeshua, persecution was almost immediate as Constantine sought to rid all Jewish connections from Christianity. He also formalized the faith making home worship illegal. Now, to be legitimate, one had to have emperor style worship and liturgy in a basilica with professional clergy controlling religious experience and the Bible itself. His blunders affect believers today and if you want a great account of this transition read "The Messianic Church Arising" by Robert Heidler which can be found at

We had a chance to visit La Croix Valmer this week. In front of their city hall there were two olive trees (photo above). Constantine separated the natural and wild olive trees but the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is reuniting them in this day. This is what we prayed in La Croix Valmer, that the Lord would undo what has been considered normal since 325 AD (the Council of Nicea drove Jewish believers out of the body of Messiah) and reunite Jews and Gentiles under the Jewish Messiah, Yeshua. Shalom. David Schneier

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kristallnacht in Paris!

Kristallnacht in Paris !:
To the left are photos of Kristallnacht in Germany in 1938 and a metro worker making repairs where hooligans broke the glass covering for an ad for the Paris Holocaust Museum's current exhibit "Nuit de Cristal." It is worse than ironic: "Kristallnacht" or "Night of the Broken Glass" marked the real beginning of the Holocaust!!
It was a night of horror in Germany as Nazis terrorized Jews and stormed through the streets breaking store windows, burning synagogues and rounding up 30,000 Jews to the concentration camps. One historian said "Kristallnacht came...and everything was changed." It marked a shift in persecution from political and social to physical, incarceration and murder.
Kristallnacht was Nov. 9-10, 1938, but the breaking of the glass over the remembrance of "Nuit de Cristal" in the Paris metro was just two weeks ago! It is indicative of the blatant anti-Semitism that prevails in Paris today.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The dumbing down of the print media

These two cartoons have caused a lot of controversy in the past weeks. The first one was highly objected to by the African American community because they felt the cartoonist was really depicting President Obama as the dead gorilla thereby bringing up the old racist stereotypes against African Americans and even promoting the President's assassination. Probably the cartoonist meant no such thing, but common sense should have dictated that this cartoon should not have been published by the NY Post. I support free speech but sometimes sechel (Yiddish for common sense) is a wiser path.

The 2nd cartoonist, Pat Oliphant, perhaps the most published cartoonist in the world, clearly meant to compare Israel to a jack booted, goose stepping, headless Nazi who was wheeling a piranna toothed Star of David in pursuit of Gaza depicted as a defenseless, small woman and child. No confusion as to his meaning - and it is anti-Semetic, anti-Israel, false, slanderous, unfactual (no one cares about that anymore when it comes to Israel) and without any merit. This is the exact type of cartoon used by the Nazi regime to distort the truth concerning the Jewish people so that the German population would be psychologically prepared for any outrages committed against the Jews.

Aren't thousands of rockets indiscriminately fired at Jewish civilians for years enough to warrant an outbreak of war against those who perpetrate such clear war crimes. And if you place your civilian population in danger by the way you fight and where you fight from, you are guilty of war crimes. The civilian deaths in Gaza should be laid at the feet of the leaders of Gaza. They should be tried for war crimes but all we hear are investigations of Israel's handling of the Gaza war. What would those who condemn Israel today have done if they were confronted with the real Nazi war machine? File genocide and war crime cases against the US and British forces when civilians died? Then, the world's survival was at stake. Today Israel's survival and survival of freedom in the world is at stake.

Yet, who has risen to defend Israel from these types of Nazi cartoonism similar to the outrage by African Americans to the NY Post cartoon? This is the time for Jews and Christians to speak out against virulent neo-Naziesque propaganda and send their protests to the newspapers that carried this cartoon and to demonstrate publicaly that they will not tolerate such baseless hatred. What if this cartoon were reversed and it was Gaza depicted as headless Mohammed firing rockets at defenseless Israelis? What would the reaction have been in the Muslim world? By the way, the old slander that the Jews control the media must not be valid given the wave of anti-Semetic articles and cartoons in newspapers and magazines these days.

What do you think? Shalom from Paris. David Schneier

Friday, March 20, 2009

Sunny skies, Anarchists and European style Communists

Yesterday thousands marched through the Place de Bastille of every labor and political persuasion, young and old out for a day in the Parisian sun. The T-shirt above was worn by a member of an anarchist group who strenuously distanced himself from the communists. He believed a very long strike was necessary to bring the government down, not a day strike under blue skies. I was struck by the many elderly people sporting communist banners and arm bands. I mentioned my years in Ukraine and what happened there under communism including the deliberate starvation or deportation of Ukrainian farmers causing the death of 7 million of them. But, that wasn't real communism they replied! Wishful thinking at best. It's so interesting to be in a country where people pay 40% of their income for taxes for social programs that pay them more than they were making if they lose their jobs, where the university costs about $900 a year, where there is full socialized medicine and where the people believe the government is not doing enough. So yesterday millions marched in France for more even though there is no more. I would not like to be an elected official here. At least when I was in the middle of the sea of marchers everyone was having a good time and there were no outbreaks of violence. Not sure how the day ended but everyone was back to work today as far as I could see. Shalom from Paris. David Schneier

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Aux Barricades

The great rallying cry of the revolution of 1848 in France was "Aux barricades!" -- meaning workers should go out and block the streets against the government and its troops. Tomorrow is supposed to be another general strike of some sort in France to call on the government to help the workers. The photos show what it can look like in France. (Upper photo-Lionel Cironneau/The Associated Press, lower photo-BBC) I'll be out trying to get my own photos of this country stopping event.

According to Radio Netherlands Worldwide, "More than two million people are expected to take part in nationwide strikes in France on Thursday in protest against proposed cutbacks by President Nicolas Sarkozy. Trade unions and left-wing parties have urged workers to come out in large numbers in the second show of force against the government since January. Public services will be affected nationwide. The strikes will also disrupt commuter trains, intercity rail services and air traffic. International trains like the Thalys and Eurostar are planning to run as scheduled, although delays are not being ruled out. The strikes across 200 towns - which should last until Friday morning - come against a backdrop of mounting anger over job losses and factory closures."

Please pray for France and for Leslye and I as we try to get around in the city. Often the strikes go an extra day when the start on Thursday so that the workers can have a long weekend. Shalom from Paris. David Schneier

Friday, March 13, 2009

"...seeing they do not see, and hearing they do not hear." Mat 13:13

(Photo above:Veronica Weber,Palo Alto Weekly)
(Photo left, Mathew Filipowich,The Medium Online)

Psalm 83:1-4
Do not keep silent, O God! Do not hold Your peace, and do not be still, O God! For behold, Your enemies make a tumult; and those who hate You have lifted up their head. They have taken crafty counsel against Your people, and consulted together against Your sheltered ones. They have said, "Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation, that the name of Israel may be remembered no more."

That seems a clear message for those who seek to eliminate Israel from the world map: The plans of man will not go unnoticed in Heaven and "He that keeps Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep."(Ps 121:4) In Europe few care if Israel is slandered for allegedly creating a modern Holocaust in Gaza or called a Nazi, apartheid state. Let's be clear: Israel was created to be Jewish homeland. It is home for 6 million+ Jews, and, therefore, anti-Israelism is also anti-Semitism. So why are students and faculties in Europe, Canada and the US turning against Israel while asserting that they are not anti-Semites - because it is easy for the confused liberal mind to separate the two (Israel and the Jews) when they are inseparable. But we who know better must clear a path through this world wide fog.

There is not one nation on earth that has had to put up with years of indiscriminate missile attacks and terrorism against its civilians which are war crimes and genocide, yet these acts carry little weight in the court of world opinion. Not one nation would show the restraint that Israel has shown and yet many university students and professors cannot see what is obvious. Therefore it is up to those who truly follow the God of Israel and those who know Yeshua as Messiah to stand up, proclaim the truth and take whatever is thrown against them in every arena of life. "Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go."(Joshua 1:9)

Shalom from Paris. David Schneier

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Sorbonne - the beat goes on

A block away perhaps a thousand riot police surrounded the main buildings of the Sorbonne. All the doors were shut and manned by the riot police with 23 students inside effectively keeping out thousands of others. I ran into a couple of sympathizers one bearing a Communist insignia on his sleeve and Lenin pins on his lapel. He explained to me that France was in a perpetual revolution since their Revolution of old, and that the communists had the answers for the people. Right! Another guy said that the will of the people was paramount but he couldn't explain what that was. I told him I had spent 12 years in Ukraine and was not impressed by the after effects of Communism. I mean, Stalin starved, worked to death or killed about 7 million Ukrainian farmers in the name of farm collectivism. The pictures above depict the enormity of the Sorbonne, protestors banners ("The Sorbonne is a political animal."), communist sleeve patches and riot police. This activity is really a distraction from the real problems here but there are many who believe that the French Revolution should never end. Shalom from Paris. David Schneier

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Takeover at the Sorbonne and Ukraine teeters on the edge

Publish Post

Tonight, just blocks for our home, students took over some classrooms at the Sorbonne to protest against rising tuition costs and some new restrictions on professors. I asked one student how much tuition was per year and they told me 700 Euros or about $875. If this sum is accurate they don't have a clue what a deal they are getting. I just read that GW University (room, board and tuition) is running about $50,000 a year! Not sure what the French professors might be in for - maybe some rules about working.

In Ukraine, protests begin to grow in Kiev about the state of the economy or lack thereof. According to the "(a) sign held by .... an unemployed plumber camped out with other antigovernment demonstrators here in the past week, summed up the pervasive frustration: 'Get rid of them all,' it said. (He) did not hesitate to take that further. "There will be a revolt," he said. "And people will come because they are just fed up." A picture of a run on a local bank and the desecration of the grave marker of Rabbi Schneerson (who before he died lead the ultro-Orthodox Lubuvacher movement and who was considered the Messiah by his followers) is a grim reminder that anti-Semitism always rises in hard financial times in Europe. Keep up the prayer for France and Ukraine. Shalom. David Schneier
[The bank photo and quote is by Joseph Sywenkji for the New York Times (3/2/09) and the grave marker photo is from CFCA, 2/26/09].