Saturday, March 29, 2014

A photo from long ago

     Here is a snap shot of me and our four kids maybe 33 years ago. I would have been 31. This is a staged shot but maybe some would believe we were a farming family in the 1930's. Leslye was the photographer no doubt. We could fill a museum with all of our photos especially if we printed all of the digital ones! Shalom, David Schneier

Calm before the storm? Some words from Ukraine.

      Another touching communique from Odessa, Ukraine. We will be there in late April, God willing. Pray for  and encourage the believers in Ukraine. Shalom, David Schneier

"Shalom Rabbi David!
      I began to write less because the news in the country and the city is not much. The country lives a bit in unstable condition. Mobilization suspended, at least in Odessa. Life goes on, and no significant changes are observed, in addition slightly increased the prices of food products. But it is not critical, so there was no panic or discontent in the society. People live their lives, but there is pretty tight news from the border of Ukraine and Russia. There are going more and more military forces from Russian side. Putin has said that they will not attack the Ukraine, and we so want to believe! But we know all too well how much are the words of this man! And we are pray before going to sleep that at night was no attack.
Your prayers are very much help us! Confidence in the prayer support from your side gives strength for me to believe in happy future! Thank you very much!!!