Tuesday, December 9, 2014

An appeal for the Jews of Europe

     As 2014 winds down we find ourselves with new challenges due to the sharp rise in anti-Semitism all over Europe and the Jewish refugee problem in Ukraine. If you want to review a listing of acts of anti-Semitism world wide, you can connect with www.antisemitism.org.il.
    Many Jews are fleeing eastern Ukraine, leaving everything behind, because of the ongoing war, a ruined economy and destruction of homes from shelling and bombing by Russian separatists and invading Russian forces and military efforts of the Ukrainian army.  Interestingly, Jewish refugees from eastern Ukraine are fleeing to the west and many of them are landing in Odessa where our Messianic congregation, Gates of Zion, is located. These refugees have nothing and need everything. We have many opportunities to share the Jewish Messiah with them as well because they are coming to see what the Messianic Jewish movement is about. There are now about 20 Messianic Jewish congregations in Ukraine in our Alliance (the IAMCS) who need support in every direction to continue their work in Ukraine. In Crimea, which was annexed by Russia, the congregations have to refile as Russian entities. This is an expense they cannot afford, and if the papers are not filed by the end of the year, the congregations will be shut down.
     If you would like to give a year end donation to help us to meet the needs of Messianic believers and congregations in Ukraine, please send a check, payable to Beth Hallel, to Beth Hallel, 2230 Sumpter St., Birmingham, AL 35226 with a note that it is for Ukrainian relief and support for our work there. Your contributions are tax deductible. Love and Shalom from David and Leslye Schneier.