Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Scientologists demonstrate in Paris

Scientology protestors in Central Paris opposite the Palais de Justice ("Justice under influence. We accuse!)
"Equal Justice for the Scientologists" 

Palais de Justice (Palace of Justice)  I was just minding my business riding on the #96 bus when I noticed opposite the Palace of Justice a crowd of people carrying signs and playing drums. It was the Scientologists and they were not happy with what was going on the court opposite from their orderly "manifestation" (demonstration). An appeal was being heard of the 2009 fraud conviction of the Church. The demonstration today was aimed at what a spokesman for the Celebrity Center of the Church, Eric Roux, called bias on the part of the court against the Church of Scientology. After a ruling against the Church being able to view certain records in the court file, the representatives for the Church left the appellate courtroom according to Mr. Roux, citing this as one example of bias by the Court.

    Mr. Roux said there were approximately 45,000 Scientologists in France and that the Church was going to continue its appeal especially as they believed the current appelate court was going to support the fraud conviction. Ultimately he said they may have to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France. Since this is the first conviction of the Church of Scientology according to Mr. Roux, the Church, he said, will vigorously defend itself against what it feels is a bias against it.

   While I do not accept any of the precepts of Scientology, as a lawyer I am concerned how this kind of a ruling could be used against the Free churches and Messianic Judaism in France. There is discrimination against churches, who are not Catholic or Reformed, in where they can rent and locate their operations. And what is a cult for one person is the faith of another. Gratefully the Messianic movement has not been under governmental pressure - yet.

     Ultimately how do we oppose what we believe is spiritual blindness? Probably like Paul did with the truth, Yeshua the Messiah of Israel and Savior of the world. Shalom from Paris. David Schneier

Monday, November 21, 2011

Updated Schedule for the Schneiers

Here is our updated schedule for the winter and spring,2012: 
  • January 7-11: Orlando,FL for IAMCS Rabbis conference
  • January 12-13: Mt Dora, FL at the Garden Gate 
  • January 15: Brunswick, GA, 6pm, Christian Renewal Church
  • January 21: Orlando,FL at Congregation Gesher Shalom
  • January 27-28: Tampa and Lakeland  FL with Congregations Shoresh David 
  • February 18-19: Shreveport, LA  with Congregation Messiah Now! on the 18th and the Christian Center Shreveport on the 19th
  • March 3rd: Ormond Beach, FL at Congregation Beth Judah
  • April17-19: IAMCS regional leadership conference in Nikolaiv, Ukraine
  • Possible trips in April or May to Spain and Italy
  • Possible leadership conference in France or Belgium in April or May
Shalom from David Schneier