Monday, December 9, 2013

Urgent request for prayer from Ukraine

Dear All,

    Below is an urgent request for prayer from Sasha Popazov from Odessa, Ukraine. He leads the Messianic congregation, Gates of Zion, which we helped to found in 1995 and which we remain senior leaders of. The situation in Ukraine is deteriorating as you can see from his plea. Thanks for your persistent prayer for Sasha, for Gates of Zion and for the approximately 20 congregations from Ukraine that are part of the International Alliance of Messianic Congregations and Synagogues (IAMCS). As the European representative for the IAMCS including Eastern Europe, I urge you to take this matter very seriously and to send in words of encouragement that I can forward on to Sasha. Blessings and Shalom. David Schneier

Shalom dear David!
We see now real fight for future of Ukraine. The mane fight in Kiev. In Odessa approximately peaceful. We need a lot of prayer now for wisdom and peace in the country. Any moment can provoke civil war or division of Ukraine unto two or more parts. I know that many families have fight inside of it, because one part of family for Russia, but different part for Europe.
Because of political instability we have some problems with place of meeting for congregation. It is normal for now, but director told us, that any moment everything can change. We need prayer about it. In general we doing good for now. Thank you for prayers and encouragement we have because of you.
With love, Sasha.