Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday, January 30, 2009

It's 6:15 am our time in Paris and jet lag has confused our sleep. We were treated as gold and platinum at JFK even though we're just common frequent flyers and we got here with all of our bags! The work on our apartment was basically finished so no holdups there except for the cable news channels having been turned off some how while we were gone. Everything goes into high gear starting today and we need your prayers for:
1. Meeting with a Paris event organizer on Monday, Feb 2nd, to begin forming a team to plan for Chuck Pierce to share prophetically in Paris in the fall of 2009.
2. Planning a European Messianic Jewish gathering in 2010 by meeting with IAMCS and European congregational/fellowship leaders in May of 2009.
3. Renewing our times of sharing with young Jewish believers in Paris.
4. Opening contacts with the Inter Varsity chapter in Paris at the Sorbonne.
5. Planning a national teaching conference with former muslims in the fall of 2009
6. Beginning teaching about the Feasts of the Lord at the American Church of Paris on Feb. 13th.
7. Followup on Jewish people the Lord has brought into our path.
8. Planning for and setting the dates of a Messianic leadership conference led by David and Barry Boucher in Nikolaiv, Ukraine in May of 2009.
9. Setting our itinerary for this summer in the US.
10. Finding time for reading and writing.
That's it for today. Shalom, David

Thursday, January 29, 2009

January 29: So here's what were going back to. Paris is paralyzed but hopefully the workers will return tomorrow when we land. The workers say they had nothing to do with the world crisis so why should they suffer. The idea of everyone shouldering the load in such unusual circumstances is not acceptable to the unions. France has a history of deciding policy in the streets so it should be interesting when we return. C'est la vie!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Well, we are about to leave for France, embroiled in a national strike on the 29th of January and maybe on the 30th when we land in Paris. There have been many demonstrations against Israel in Europe during the Gaza war. The words genocide and holocaust are being thrown around by those who have launched 10,000 rockets into Israel in the last 10 years. Not one normal country would put up with that level of war crimes (indiscriminately shooting rockets into civilian areas). But everyone wants Israel to use more restraint. Have they asked what level of restraint they are using or do they even care to find out. The other side is committing countless war crimes by placing military installations amongst their civilians and launching rockets from those areas. Looks like the age of reason is gone in Europe!