Sunday, December 26, 2010

Seattle's version of anti-Semitism

In Seattle, metro buses will be covered with anti-Israel propaganda which of course we know is anti-Semitism with a new liberal costume. I suggest that believers start buying space on the buses showing the faces and statements of the most nefarious criminals in the Mideast who want to wipe out the Jewish people. Wake up America! Human rights is not the issue. Truth is. Shalom. David Schneier

22-12-2010 / United States

USA - 'Israeli War Crimes' signs to go on Metro buses (Video)

"Israeli War Crimes," the enormous advertisement reads. "Your tax dollars at work."
To the right of the image is a group of children -- one little boy stares out at the viewer, the others gawk at a demolished building, all rebar and crumbled concrete.
It's an ad you'll be seeing soon on a handful of Metro buses in downtown Seattle.
A group calling itself the Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign has paid King County $1,794 so that 12 buses will carry that message around town, starting two days after Christmas. That's December 27: the two-year anniversary of Israeli attacks on Gaza, aimed at stopping rocket attacks and weapons smuggling.

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Beware, posters in Paris say the Jewish Mafia is the great International Predator!

In the streets of Paris the posters say Jews are the big Mafia criminals. What about equal time for gentile criminals/Mafia? I am sure there are a lot of them to go around too. Shalom from Paris. David Schneier

From the CFCA website on 25-11-2010 / France

France - Posters on Paris walls promote antisemitic book on ‘Jewish mafia’ (Video)

The Paris City Hall has mobilized its employees to remove wall posters making publicity for an anti-Semitic book denouncing the "Jewish mafia”.
The move followed a complaint by the National Bureau of Vigilance Against Antisemitism (BNVCA), a body monitoring antisemitic incidents in France.
According to BNVCA president Samy Ghozlan, these posters are regularly placed on wall of Paris and its suburbs since November 12.
They represent three men standing upright with the mention "The Jewish mafia, the great international predators” and feature a new book by extreme-right and antisemitic author, Herve Ruyssen.
On these posters one could also read: " Racket, weapons trafficking, murder under contract, drug trafficking, money laudering, casinos and discotheques, pornography, diamond trafficking, slave trade, Third world plundering, artworks trafficking, swindle."
The Paris City Hall said it mobilized a unit able to intervene 24 hours a day. To date 38 actions were initiated to remove the posters.

Are the Dutch unknowingly sponsoring anti-Semitism with state funds? You decide

The article below is from the ICEJ internet update of 11/29/20. If your country paid for anti-Semitism what would you do about it? Shalom from "it can only happen here" Europe. David Schneier

Dutch-funded church NGO supports radical Palestinian siteThe Dutch aid organization Interchurch Organization for Development Cooperation, which is financed by the Dutch Government, has been financially supporting the anti-Semitic website Electronic Intifada, according to NGO Monitor. “Electronic Intifada is a leader in the demonization of Israel, including the BDS (boycott, divestment, and sanctions) campaign, and frequently compares the Israeli military to Nazis,” NGO Monitor claimed. The Dutch government provided ICCO with 124 million Euros in 2008, while 8.5 million Euros came from the European Union. When The Jerusalem Post confronted the Dutch Foreign Minister with the information, he responded: "I will look into the matter personally. If it appears that the government-subsidized NGO ICCO does fund Electronic Intifada, it will have a serious problem with me.”

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Graffiti artists beware! Florence, Italy does not want you

Not much needs to be added! Shalom from Italy. David Schneier

Messianic Jewish conference in Italy

Leslye and I (on right) with Lorenzo and Therese
   My wife, Leslye, and I had three jam-packed days in Imola, Italy helping host a conference with an Italian Messianic alliance headed up by Giovanni Melchionda. We had 75 people attend from cities all around Italy and even from other countries in Europe. Leslye was a major part of the sharing at the conference and was very well received by all.  Also Messianic Leader Lorenzo Greco took part in teaching at the conference. His congregation in Belgium is a member of the IAMCS (International Alliance of Messianic Congregations and Synagogues).
   This was our first IAMCS activity in Italy and I am sure we'll be going back to build on the relationships that have just begun there. We also visited Florence where we were able to see the synagogue that is home to 1,000 Jewish people. Even with that number, they do not have enough regular worshippers to have a minyan during the week. There are only about 28,000 Jews left in Italy. The photo of the star of David below is actually of a church in Florence. The synagogue is next to the church photo
Giovanni Melchionda and David in Bologna

Messianic leader Lorenzo Greco of Belgium

Italian Messianic conference-Imola, Italy

David Schneier in Imola, Italy

Star of David on a church in Florence

Synagogue of Florence
   If any of you are interested in attending our next leadership conference in Odessa Ukraine (March 29-31) and our congregational service on April 2nd, please respond to this blog.
Shalom. David Schneier


Thursday, November 4, 2010

What d'ya think of this? The baby, the awning and the doctor in Paris!

France - 
Article published the Wednesday 03 November 2010 - Latest update : Wednesday 03 November 2010

Miracle baby falls from balcony and into doctor's arms
The intersection of Cours de Vincennes and Rue des Pyrenees, in Paris's 20th arrondissement
Google Street View
An 18-month-old boy has survived after falling seven floors from a Paris apartment and bouncing off a cafe awning and into the arms of a passerby. "My son saw a little boy on a balcony. He had gone right outside the railing... I said to myself I mustn't miss him," local doctor Philippe Bensignor, told AFP.
"I had time to move from side to side to get in the right position," the doctor said. "The little boy was fine. He cried a little bit but calmed down straight away."
The incident took place at the intersection of Cours de Vincennes and Rue des Pyrenees, in Paris's 20th arrondissement, on Monday.
It was a public holiday in France, and the awning ought to have been retracted.
"We were closed but the mechanical device for closing the awning wasn't working," said a barman at the cafe. "It's a real miracle."
An official investigating the incident said the boy and his three-year-old sister had been left alone in the apartment, in northern Paris, by their parents.
The pair, who had reportedly gone for a walk, were taken into custody.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Vatican Synod says NO to Israel!

Archbishop Cyrille Salim Bustros

   So some Bishops recently held a meeting at the Vatican on the Middle East and and they concluded that the Bible does not support the return of the Jewish people to Israel nor that the Jews are God's chosen people. It is reported that Archbishop Cyrille Salim Bustros stated that the original promises to the Jews by God were nulilfied by Christ, who the Archbishop perhaps does not know is also the Messiah to the Jewish people. So Yeshua, who is fully God, reversed the promises of God violating the scripture that God does not lie, that in Him there is no shifting shadow and that he does not repent or reject His word.

   Would someone tell them to read the Bible and stop preaching a different Gospel, a different Jesus (Yeshua) and a different Spirit. Even the UN got with some of the program in 1948 concerning Israel.  And how about the verse from Romans 11 that God has not rejected the Jews and that the gifts and callings of God are irrevocable. Maybe the Bishops didn't trust those verses because a Jew wrote them.

  Archbishop Bustros is also quoted as saying, " We Christians cannot speak about the promised land for the Jewish people. There is no longer a chosen people.,, The justification of Israel's occupation of the land of Palestine cannot be based on sacred scriptures." What is the Archbishop calling sacred scriptures? Not the word of God that is accepted by Christians and Messianic Jews. It's a different Gospel and it needs to be exposed and treated as such. We call on all Christians to publicly reject these statements and to petition the Vatican to publicly separate itself from these anti-Semitic and unbiblical statements that represent the heart of replacement theology. Shalom. David Schneier

Sunday, October 31, 2010

From Nikolaiv/Odessa, Ukraine to Imola, Italy

Renewal of Wedding Vows
Some of the 12 recipients of IAMCS Congregational Cetificates
Sasha reading the Torah
Dancing Dima from Kiev

Sasha's Bar Mitzvah in Odessa
Jarda & Ruth, Messianic Leaders/ Czech Rep.
Just got back from an awesome leadership conference in Nikolaiv, Ukraine and a Messianic Jewish Bar Mitzvah in Odessa. Two hundred people attended the leadership conference from 20 Ukrainian cities. The Jewish dancing and worship was over the top. Everyone had sense of family and joy! And 12 new IAMCS congregations received membership certificates. I will be posting a link to photos and video footage. Please pray for us as we travel to Imola, Italy to meet and encourage Italian believers who love the Jewish people and Israel. Blessings. David Schneier

Friday, August 27, 2010

Israeli web site reports anti-Semitic act against Messianic Jewish congregation

Amazingly an Israeli web site (CFCA) dealing with anti-Semitism worldwide (whose logo appears above) published a story on the defacing of a sign of a Messianic Jewish congregation with a backwards swastika. We should be grateful when Jewish organizations include Messianic Jews as part of the Jewish people even if it is only for acts of anti-Semitism. Great website at  Shalom from David Schneier

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Don't Mess With the Rabbi!

Don't even think about taking the Rabbi's parking space is the translation of this parking sign spotted somewhere in Alabama. I'll keep you posted. Shalom. David Schneier

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Some signs of interest in Europe

   While having to listen to Turkey proclaiming Israel an illegitimate, murderous state (says them who killed millions of Armenians), I thought some lighter note would be more appropriate, such as some signs of interest in European bathrooms.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day 3 of IAMCS conference in Amsterdam

Today was our third and last day for the IAMCS conference in Amsterdam. We had about 50 people attend a leadership meeting to discuss what they had experienced at the conference and what were next steps they would like to see for western Europe. The team from the Netherlands did such a great job in organizing the conference. Everyone at the meeting said they would like to have another gathering next May. A few congregational leaders from the Netherlands and Italy want to move forward with IAMCS membership. There was a strong sense of unity and hope. Blessings. David Schneier

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday, Day 2 of IAMCS Amsterdam conference

So we went from 10 am to 10pm today and I had a chance to share about the Testimony of Messianic Judaism along with Joel Liberman, Robert Solomon, Jeffrey Forman and David Chernoff. Joel Chernoff had an awesome concert and 202 people were registered and showed up for the conference. What a blast off for the Messianic movement in western Europe. Tomorrow at 10 am about 50 leaders will meet for more sharing and dialogue. One Dutch leader told me he had met others from the Messianic Jewish movement in the Netherlands that he had not fellowshipped with for years. Our movement is truly one of unity and life from the dead! Shalom. David Schneier

 Photos: David Chernoff , Joel Chernoff, Robert Solomon, Joel Liberman, David Schneier, Worship, Jeffrey Forman                                                                                                                                                                           

Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday night in Amsterdam/Day 1 of the IAMCS conference

About 200 people filled the hall in Amsterdam and more are expected tomorrow. We had guests from Italy, Czech Republic, France, England, Belgium, the Netherlands and the US. Many came in search for new direction in the Messianic movement. Others yearned for a firm foundation to build their faith on. And they were not disappointed as Joel Chernoff led worship and Jeff Forman shared on the Testimony of Messianic Judaism which he likened to life from the dead. here are some photos of the hall, David Chernoff, Joel Chernoff and Jeff Forman. Please keep up the prayer as some have been derailed from coming. Shalom. David Schneier

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Made it to Amsterdam!

    Well, I made it to Amsterdam by train from Paris for the IAMCS European conference even though there was some type of rail strike . There is supposed to be a general strike in France next week and American Airlines, who we fly with to the US, may have a strike as well. British Air is having a cabin workers strike and it is the airline on which 5 Messianic leaders from the IAMCS are traveling here to share at the conference. Thank God they all made it but the first leg of their return flight has been canceled. I just received an e-mail that the father of a key Messianic leader from Belgium is near death in Italy so this leader cannot come. The local team in Amsterdam has received many spiritual attacks as we seek to unite the body of Messiah in Europe and to have them focus on reaching the Jewish people and building healthy messianic congregations here. Please pray for us because what will happen here can have a huge impact on the Messianic movement in Europe. Love & Shalom. David Schneier

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Res Ipsa Loquitur = "The thing speaks for itself"

Here's an article from  that reveals whom the Jewish people have to negotiate with to bring peace to the Middle East. Check out this You Tube site for the live performance at  Shalom. David Schneier

16-03-2010 / The Palestinian authority

The Palestinian Authority - Hamas religious minister: "Jews are bacteria, not human beings

Abdallah Jarbu
Abdallah Jarbu
On Al-Aqsa TV, Hamas deputy minister of religious calls for Jews to be annihilated, saying they are bacteria, not human beings;
Abdallah Jarbu‘: “[The Jews] suffer from a mental disorder, because they are thieves and aggressors. A thief or an aggressor, who took property or land, develops a psychological disorder and pangs of conscience, because he took something that wasn’t his.
“They want to present themselves to the world as if they have rights, but, in fact, they are foreign bacteria – a microbe unparalleled in the world. It’s not me who says this. The Koran itself says that they have no parallel: ‘You shall find the strongest men in enmity to the believers to be the Jews.’
“May he annihilate this filthy people who have neither religion nor conscience. I condemn whoever believes in normalizing relations with them, whoever supports sitting down with them, and whoever believes that they are human beings. They are not human beings. They are not people. They have no religion, no conscience, and no moral values.”

Friday, March 12, 2010

Messianic Jewish Conference in Amsterdam, May 28-29, 2010/IAMCS sponsored

The International Alliance of Messianic Congregations and Synagogues is sponsoring a Messianic Jewish Conference in Amsterdam on May 28-29, 2010 with an additional leadership gathering on May 30, 2010. If you want to attend you can leave a response on this blog. The theme is "The Testimony of Messianic Judaism." Hope to see you there. Shalom. David Schneier

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What do Polish airport gift shops and Egyptian political cartoons have in common?

A political cartoon in Egypt shows President Obama being directed by someone with Stars of David on their sleeves.

And in a Warsaw airport gift store Jewish figures wearing kippas with big noses and carrying bags of money are on sale for those who need an anti-Semitic boost. The web-site writes. "Gift shop at the Warsaw airport sells figurines of Jews with a big nose, yarmulke and bags of money, in different positions. In each bag they entered a real Zloty. The company manufactures the figurines defined it as JYD Miniaturais" World's apart with the same hatred. Time to speak up and confront the lies and distortions you hear every day. Shalom. David Schneier

Friday, March 5, 2010

Israel is not a racists state and it does not murder children with missiles!

Does this seem like a fair image to you? More like the posters from pre-war Nazi Germany which demonized the Jews in an artistic sort of way. Clever propagandists who have no regard for the truth. We're used to it since we have been accused of everything evil since the death of Yeshua. But the God of Israel is our defense even in the face of such farcical representations of us as a people. Don't be deceived. This is Jewish hatred, plain and simple, now thinly disguised as anti-Israelism. The Nazi propagandist, Joseph Goebbels, would be proud of this modern portrayal of the Jews as murders of the innocent. If you are a believer it is your job to rebut this kind of extremism wherever and whenever it rises up.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Yeshua lifted up in Geneva, Switzerland

We just spent the weekend in Geneva and had the opportunity to spend time with a growing Messianic fellowship there. They met on the 3rd floor of a Christian bookstore in downtown Geneva on Shabbat morning. Their leader, Marc Blancou, shared his thoughts about the weekly Torah portion read in synagogues throughout the world. Great location with a window decorated with Messianic books, materials and items. About 35 people joined together to pour over the word of God.

They also had an Havdalah meeting on Saturday night to close out the Sabbath. I was able to share at both meetings and was received warmly by the believers there. Many in Switzerland were interested in a book I brought (in English and in French), "The Messianic Church Arising" by Robert Heidler. We have had it translated in French and Russian. If you are interested in getting a copy just drop me a line and I can tell you where to order it. The Lord is raising up believers who truly want to love and care for Israel and the Jewish people. Let's hear from you as to how you think the Jewish people can be reached with the good news of their Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus). Shalom. David Schneier

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Never give up even if lions and crocodiles are after you!

Watch an unbelievable rescue at It will amaze you. Shalom. David Schneier