Tuesday, December 16, 2014


    Yes, our electronic Chanukiah has just lit up on its own at Beth Hallel in Birmingham. Leslye and I wish you all an awesome Hanukkah, filled with light and love. Yeshua said he was the light of the world and he still is and will be. Shalom, David & Leslye Schneier

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

An appeal for the Jews of Europe

     As 2014 winds down we find ourselves with new challenges due to the sharp rise in anti-Semitism all over Europe and the Jewish refugee problem in Ukraine. If you want to review a listing of acts of anti-Semitism world wide, you can connect with www.antisemitism.org.il.
    Many Jews are fleeing eastern Ukraine, leaving everything behind, because of the ongoing war, a ruined economy and destruction of homes from shelling and bombing by Russian separatists and invading Russian forces and military efforts of the Ukrainian army.  Interestingly, Jewish refugees from eastern Ukraine are fleeing to the west and many of them are landing in Odessa where our Messianic congregation, Gates of Zion, is located. These refugees have nothing and need everything. We have many opportunities to share the Jewish Messiah with them as well because they are coming to see what the Messianic Jewish movement is about. There are now about 20 Messianic Jewish congregations in Ukraine in our Alliance (the IAMCS) who need support in every direction to continue their work in Ukraine. In Crimea, which was annexed by Russia, the congregations have to refile as Russian entities. This is an expense they cannot afford, and if the papers are not filed by the end of the year, the congregations will be shut down.
     If you would like to give a year end donation to help us to meet the needs of Messianic believers and congregations in Ukraine, please send a check, payable to Beth Hallel, to Beth Hallel, 2230 Sumpter St., Birmingham, AL 35226 with a note that it is for Ukrainian relief and support for our work there. Your contributions are tax deductible. Love and Shalom from David and Leslye Schneier.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Russia invades Ukraine - Again!!

    Russia is at it again. Nato reports all kinds of troops and armor have crossed the Ukrainian border and the world continues to be silent. Maybe the "effective" UN will make a pronouncement. But pronouncements have no effect on Putin. So let's keep up the prayer of protection for Ukraine and for the believers there and the Jewish people who have had to flee Eastern Ukraine. Some are showing up in Odessa and attending our Messianic Jewish congregation there. They have great needs because they had to leave with nothing. This is a great opportunity to respond through the network of congregations we work with throughout Ukraine. If you are interested please let me know in a response to this post. Also read the article at http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-30025138 so you can keep up with current events. Shalom, David Schneier

Armed people and military trucks are seen near a checkpoint outside a building on the territory controlled by the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic in Donetsk, A Reuters reporter captured armed men and military vehicles near a checkpoint in Donetsk on Wednesday

A column of unidentified tanks on a road near rebel-held Shakhtarsk, eastern Ukraine, 10 November  
A column of unidentified tanks was seen on a road near the rebel-held town of Shakhtarsk on Monday

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Back to Birmingham

On the way back to Birmingham from Paris, going through DFW, when I saw books by Jonathan Cahn for sale. Shalom. David Schneier.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Update from Odessa

   Shalom from David & Leslye. We are preparing today to leave from Ukraine arriving back in the US on Wednesday night. Today Ukraine votes for its Parliament which is critical to bringing some stability to this war torn country. Interestingly time changes in Ukraine today. Perhaps this is a prophetic sign of a new beginning here.

   We had about 200 people attend the leadership conference this past week in Odessa. Some came from Romania, Czech Republic and Croatia as well as local leaders from throughout Ukraine. This was the best gathering we have had since the leadership conferences began in about 2006 or 2007. The level of worship, joyfulness and unity surpassed all that we had experienced in Ukraine. Our next scheduled trip to Ukraine is in mid-March 2015 for any who would like to experience Messianic Jewish revival. You can contact me at rabbidavid@shalombirmingham.com if you are interested in coming. Part of our time here included a banquet for survivors of the Holocaust and bringing joy to disabled orphans in one of the six orphanages where we serve.

   In 2015 we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of our founding the Odessa congregation, Gates of Zion. Leslye and I lived in Odessa from 1995 through 2007 and have returned to Ukraine twice a year since we then. We hope to raise funds in 2015 to finish out our new office and purchase a van for the ministry in Odessa. Please contact me if you would like to be part of that blessing. Our work in Europe continues as we lead Beth Hallel Messianic Congregation in Birmingham, AL.

   We believe that the life of any congregation includes both serving inside your community as well as in missions in your city, state, nation and the rest of the world. We are called to share the good news (especially to our people) that the Jewish Messiah, Yeshua, has come and will return to rule and reign on this Earth. In Europe, the Jewish people are experiencing increasing anti-Semitism. Our continued presence there is needed and appreciated for such a time as this.

   Blessings and Shalom. David & Leslye Schneier

Friday, October 24, 2014

Alabama in Ukraine??

  Leslye and I come all the way from Birmingham, Alabama to Odessa, Ukraine and what do we find?

    First there was an Alabama or Auburn store in Jerusalem. Now the Alabama Poker Sport Club in Odessa. What's next? Live from Ukraine. Shalom from David & Leslye Schneier

Saturday, October 11, 2014

On to Odessa

     On October 18th, Leslye and I take off on a journey to Odessa, Ukraine to gather with Messianic Jewish leaders from Romania, Czech Republic, Croatia, Russia and Ukraine. The last time we were there in April hostilities broke out between those loyal to Ukraine and supporters of Russian separatists in the east. Over 50 people died during the conflict. Please pray for our travels and for us to bring God's word to a very troubled nation. It is a privilege for us to be amongst such a great company of followers of Yeshua. Shalom, David & Leslye Schneier.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Hidden Truth about Ukraine

      Sorry for the long delay from my last post. The following article in Newsweek is worth your attention if you want to understand what the Russian government is doing in Ukraine. Not surprising but very troubling. Check this out at http://www.newsweek.com/2014/09/19/russian-soldiers-reveal-truth-behind-putins-secret-war-269227.html. Please keep praying and supporting Ukraine in its lonely quest of simply trying to be free as a nation. We will be in Odessa in late October to encourage the leaders of the Messianic Jewish movement there. Blessings, David Schneier

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Paris gets ugly for Jews

Here's some photos from Haaretz about violent demonstrations against Jews and Israel in Paris. Do you still think Islam is peaceful? Shalom, David Schneier

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Israel, Islam and ant-Semitism

Protests in the Netherlands

    This is the face of Islam in Europe where there are laws against disparaging other religions. So protesting against Israel, equating the Jewish state with Hitler and Nazism, is fair game. This is in Europe where 6 million Jews were murdered because they were Jews. What a lie is being perpetrated! What are the believers in Europe doing to counteract these lies? What if you went to a Muslim country and walked around with a sign saying that Islam = Nazism? Will we see similar protests in the US in the name of freedom and how will believers react here? This is the time for those who really love Israel and the Jewish people to go public about their support for the right of Israel to exist.
Shalom, David Schneier

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Shavuot, the Ten Commandments and Chief Justice Roy Moore of the Alabama Supreme Court

     Tonight, at 7 pm, we will be celebrating the Jewish Feast of Shavuot at Beth Hallel focusing on the giving of the Torah to the Jewish people as well as the Holy Spirit to Israel and the nations. Chief Justice Roy Moore of the Alabama Supreme Court will be our guest speaker. As you may remember he refused to remove the Ten Commandments from the Alabama Supreme Court despite the order of a US District Court. He was removed from his position for that stand but some years later was re-elected. Come and hear why he took that stand and how that is deeply relevant to us today no matter what our faith is. Hope we will see you there. We are located at 2230 Sumpter St., Birmingham, Al. The celebration will be on live stream at www.shalombirmingham.com. Shalom. Rabbi David Schneier

Saturday, May 10, 2014

The real face of life in Ukraine - Please don't forget those who are suffering there!

   Leslye and I just got back from a week in Ukraine. It seems the news from Ukraine is slipping to 2nd page status. But the general situation is deteriorating evidenced by this letter from a friend in Ukraine who is part of the Messianic Jewish congregation we helped to plant there in 1995. Please pray for this family who now have no work and little natural hope to find any. If you want to help this family please let me know as soon as possible. Shalom, David Schneier

   "Today, on may 8, 2014 on the eve of great Victory day there are a lot of rumors in Odessa and Ukraine as a whole. Even the residents of Moscow are a little afraid of the fact that Ukrainians are allegedly preparing a major terrorist attack in Moscow. In turn Ukrainians fear that the Russians will commit terrorist acts either in Ukraine or in Moscow and accuse Ukrainians. 

   Yes, all this affects the tense atmosphere in Odessa. Today I was in the Privoz (big open air market). Private vendors that bring in private products (milk, vegetables, meat) are trying to sell all products by the evening to leave Odessa because to stay in the city is too dangerous. In the stores there are lines because people are buying goods of the first necessity. Many are storing water in large quantities. We don't do that. We believe in the Lord and hope that all this tension is just intimidation and pitting people against each other. And the sad thing is that this comes out! People have become quite aggressive and scared. In our daughter's school, typically, the class is visited by 30 students, but today there were only 5 children. The rest stayed home because their parents are afraid to drive them to school. At drama school were my husband works the school has completely abolished lessons.

   Ah, Yes! I totally forgot to tell you one very unpleasant news! My husband's ship where he works as a music director suffered some damage (fire or explosion), and the cruises in Ukraine were abolished altogether. Now, we need your support in prayer that he finds a new job. The incident on the ship occurred one day before the beginning of the cruise so we were left with nothing. Pray for us please!
Tomorrow we plan to spend at home in prayer. We know that your congregation has not abandoned us! We are confident in your prayer support! Thank God for your hearts!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Back to Alabama

     Leslye and I have made it to Dallas on the way to Birmingham tonight, hopefully by 10:30 pm. The Dallas airport was shut by thunder storms so we had to circle for a while before landing. The arrival terminal was unusually empty when we arrived because many of the planes had been diverted. Praie the Lord that we were allowed to land.
     It has been a long trip but totally worth it. Tomorrow night we'll be at Beth Hallel to begin our sharing, with our team members help, about our incredible experience in Ukraine. Updates about what is going on there currently hopefully will begin tonight on this blog. Our live stream on Friday nights at 7:30 pm is still going but our web page is down. To access the livestream you would have to locate the link you used to get to our livestream in the past. Hopefully all will be well with the web page soon. Love and Shalom, David & Leslye

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Separatists backed by Russia attack a police station in Odessa where their co-conspirators were being held

    We're at the Warsaw airport waiting to travel to Paris on the way back to Birmingham. We just learned that, today, Russian backed separatists attacked an Odessa police station where their co-conspirators in the riots yesterday were being held. Some video can be found at http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-27277231. Please keep up the prayer as these brazen attempt to destabilize Ukraine continue. Shalom, David and Leslye Schneier

Friday, May 2, 2014

Thirty-eight people die in blaze at trade union bldg in Odessa during pro-Russia riots

People wait to be rescued on the second storey's ledge during a fire at the trade union building in Odessa (Reuters)
People wait to be rescued on the second story's ledge during a fire at the trade union building in Odessa (Reuters)

Read more: http://www.3news.co.nz/More-than-30-die-in-Odessa-blaze/tabid/417/articleID/342573/Default.aspx#ixzz30ayxv4qR

     Thirty eight people died in a fire after pro-Russian rioters took over a trade union building in Odessa, Ukraine. The riots started near our hotel in the center of Odessa. We could hear the gun fire and police stun grenades going off from our room. The trade union building was set on fire and people died from smoke inhalation, gun fire and injuries when they jumped out of the building to avoid the flames. The streets are calm near us now but we don't know what is happening elsewhere. We are schduled to fly out of Odessa on Sunday so please pray for our safe journey home.
Shalom, David Schneier

Riots in Odessa/Three to four are dead!

  There were riots in the streets started probably by Russian provocateurs. They are continuing near the train station where it was reported that the regional government building was taken over. Earlier a van was found by pro-Ukrainian supporters near our hotel that contained guns, ammo and molotov cocktails. The van had Russian markings.
  When the people in the van were questioned the riots broke out. We could hear gunfire and police stun grenades for several hours. Three or four people have been been killed The police used stun grenades to disperse the crowds. Protestors were using rocks and pistols. The smell of burning rubber and gun powder was in the air.  This is the first I have had access to the internet since all of this began at about 3:45 pm local time. Please pass this e-mail on to all who will pray. We are scheduled to leave here on Sunday. Shalom. David and Leslye Schneier

Smoke filling the main pedestrian walking street

Police bus taking those who started the deadly riot.They were given a choice: Surrender or we'll give to the gathered Ukrainians who wanted to, at the very least, beat them. They surrendered!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Synagogue recently firebombed in the city where Rabbi Yura lives in Ukraine.

Leslye and I have been by this synagogue many times in the last 18 years. There is a video of the bombing (you have to wait a while to see it in the video) at  http://antisemitism.org.il/article/86636/synagogue-firebombed. On to Ukraine tomorrow. Shalom, David Schneier

Ukraine / 19-04-2014

Synagogue Firebombed

Source: news.pn

Nikolaev At 2:00 am Friday night the main shul in Nikolaev was attacked by firebombs. B"H the shul was empty at the time. One firebomb was thrown at the door and the other was thrown at a window. Tomim Yisroelik Gottleib, son of Shliach Rabbi Sholom Gottleib, told Shturem that miraculously a person passing by the shul was equipped with a fire extinguisher, and immediately putout the fire that had erupted, preventing massive damage.

In Paris and on to Odessa!

     We arrived in Paris this morning and leave for Odessa tomorrow at 7:15 am. Please pray for our two flights through Warsaw to Odessa, that our baggage arrives in Odessa and that we pass through Passport Control and customs without incident. Also please pray for Sally and Alice from our Birmingham congregation, Rabbi Emmanuel from Paris (we are on the same plane as Emmanuel), congregational leader Jarda from Czech Republic, Pastor Darko from Croatia and Pastor Barry Boucher from Ottawa on their journeys tomorrow to Odessa for our leadership conference. This will be an important moment to encourage Messianic leaders from all over Ukraine. Shalom from David & Leslye Schneier

Thursday, April 24, 2014

On to Odessa: We're in His hands!

   Lesye and I leave for Europe this Saturday landing in Odessa, Ukraine Monday afternoon. We will be joined in Paris by Emmanuel Rodriguez, the Rabbi of the IAMCS congregation there. When we land in Odessa leaders from Czech Republic (Messianic Leader Jarda Kupka, Croatia (Pastor Darko), Canada (Pastor Barry Boucher) and from all over Ukraine will have arrived for our semi-annual IAMCS leadership conference. This will be truly a "such a time as this" moment as President Putin again threatened to invade Ukraine to protect "Russian citizens" who don't live in Russia. It's hard to understand that kind of thinking but we're not there for politics. Our brothers and sisters in the Messianic movement in Ukraine need a cup of cold water from a distant land. You can be part of this visit through your prayers and gifts for our work there. Please contact us through our blog if you want more information on how you can help. Shalom, David & Leslye Schneier

Monday, April 21, 2014

Passover in Birmingham, AL

       Leslye and I want to thank all at Beth Hallel for their over the top efforts in making our Community Seder last night a huge success. We had over 1,000 people attend, including Chief Justice Moore and Associate Justice Parker of the Alabama Supreme Court, Mayor Bell of Birmingham and many pastors and ministry leaders. One of the key goals of the seder was to bring the body of Messiah together in the Birmingham area and much was achieved in that direction. Worship with Paul Wilbur was awesome and even the men were dancing throughout the ball room. We plan to have a DVD available some time soon so if you want a copy please contact the Beth Hallel offices. And please visit us in person on Friday nights at 7:30 pm or on live stream at shalombirmingham.com. Blessings. Rabbi David and Rebbetzin Leslye Schneier

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Here's an update on the post about the flyer distributed in Donetsk, Ukraine requiring Jews to register in the new Donetsk Republik. Should be interesting how this is going to be handled, especially since it was reported that someone acknowledged its distribution in the Republik government. I'll keep you posted as this matter develops. Shalom, David Schneier

If this is too large for the post go to http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4510688,00.html

Donetsk leaflet: Jews must register or face deportation

Fear replaced communal atmosphere in Donetsk's Jewish community as armed men handed out a leaflet Passover eve calling on Jews register their religion and property with the interim pro-Russian government or face deportation and loss of citizenship.
Michal Margalit
Published: 04.16.14, 23:48 / Israel News
A leaflet distributed in Donetsk, Ukraine calling for all Jews over 16 years old to register as Jews marred the Jewish community's Passover festivities Monday (Passover eve), replacing them with feelings of concern.

The leaflet demanded the city's Jews supply a detailed list of all the property they own, or else have their citizenship revoked, face deportion and see their assets confiscated.

Donetsk, a Ukraine province with 4.3 million people - 10 percent of Ukraine's population - and 17,000 Jews, is home to much of the country's heavy industry, and is thus the biggest prize of the eastern regions where pro-Russian separatists have captured government buildings in the past week.

The leaflet, signed by Chairman of Donetsk's temporary government Denis Pushilin, was distrbiuted to Jews near the Donetsk synagogue and later in other areas of the city where pro-Russians activists have declared Donetsk as an independent "people's republic", defying an ultimatum from Kiev to surrender.

Related stories:

The leaflet was written in Russian and had Russia's national symbol on it, as well as the Donetsk People's Republic insignia.

"Dear Ukraine citizens of Jewish nationality," the flyer began, "due to the fact that the leaders of the Jewish community of Ukraine

supported Bendery Junta," a reference to Stepan Bandera, the leader of the Ukrainian nationalist movement which fought for Ukrainian independence at the end of World War II, "and oppose the pro-Slavic People's Republic of Donetsk, (the interim government) has decided that all citizens of Jewish descent, over 16 years of age and residing within the republic's territory are required to report to the Commissioner for Nationalities in the Donetsk Regional Administration building and register."
The leaflet detailed what type of documents the Jewish citizens would need to supply: "ID and passport are required to register your Jewish religion, religious documents of family members, as well as documents establishing the rights to all real estate property that belongs to you, including vehicles."

If the message was not made clear enough, the leaflet further stipulated the consequences that would come to those who failed to abide by the new demands: "Evasion of registration will result in citizenship revoke and you will be forced outside the country with a confiscation of property."

To add insult to injury, the leaflet demanded the Jews pay a registration fee of $50.

The leaflet demanding the Jews to register their nationality or face deportation (Photo: Olga Reznikova)
The leaflet demanding the Jews to register their nationality or face deportation (Photo: Olga Reznikova)
According to Alex Tenzer, a Kiev native and one of the directors of the National Association of Immigrants from the Former USSR in Israel, said: "The Jewish-Ukrainian leadership supports Ukraine's new government, but it's hard to tell whether the leaflet is valid or simply a provocation.

"Anyway, the material is very anti-Semitic and reminds me of the kind of material distributed by the Nazis in WWII."

Emanuelle Shechter, from Israel, received a copy of the leaflet via Whatsapp from his friends in Donetsk. "They told me that masked men were waiting for Jewish people after the Passover eve prayer, handed them the flyer and told them to obey its instructions."

Olga Reznikova, a member of Donetsk's Jewish community, told Ynet that "we do not know if the leaflet was spread by pro-Russian forces or someone else, but it did manage to create quite a fear. This reminds me of texts from darker times. Other members of the Jewish community I spoke with are not afraid, but it is unpleasant.

"I do not intend to register, I am 32, I have lived in Donetsk my entire life and have never had to deal with anti-Semitism until I laid eyes on this piece of paper. Though I take it very seriously, I am uncertain of its authenticity."

Ukrainian soldiers and pro-Russians activists in Donetsk (Photo: EPA)
Ukrainian soldiers and pro-Russians activists in Donetsk (Photo: EPA)
Jenia from Israel, who also received the letter from a Jewish acquaintance, said "the Jews in Donetsk are uncertain of anything; it is unclear who is responsible for the leaflet and who controls the city at the moment.

"We don't feel safe like we used to because of the political instability in the area; there isn't a legitimate president or sovereign. Currently Donetsk is ruled by a junta."

In a response to a request by a Ukrainian Jewish website, Pushilin, the interim government's regional chairman, confirmed that the flyers were distributed by his organization, but denied any connection to the leaflet's content.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Disturbing report from Eastern Ukraine: Rising anti-Semitism?

   I have just received from one of our Messianic congregations in Ukraine a very disturbing document which appears below from the newly Russian created Donetsk Republic. I asked what it meant and was told the following: "Jewish people must register in the new Donetsk republik. And take all documents for property they own." So much for protecting the rights of the citizens in the new republic. In the Soviet era your passports said that you were either Russian or Jewish as your nationality. Stalin era all over again. Please pray for the Messianic believers in Ukraine. Shalom. David Schneier

Monday, April 7, 2014

On to Ukraine

    As we prepare to travel to Ukraine on April 26th to encourage IAMCS Messianic Jewish congregations from all over the country who will gather in Odessa, we ask you to pray for our travels and the right words and acts of encouragement for such a time as this. There are some reports of new unrest in eastern Ukraine near the Russian border. All of this agitation for "independence" in eastern Ukraine and Crimea is instigated by President Putin in his quest to regain Eastern Europe. In the midst of this potential civil war and drawing in of the EU and the US, we hope to be a ray of hope to believers whose lives have been disrupted by worldly and demonic powers who want to bring down freedoms won over 20 years ago. (See link at http://www.businessinsider.com/masked-pro-russia-protestors-seizing-state-buildings-in-ukraine-2014-4 )

   During our trip we will host a banquet for survivors of the Holocaust and visit and minister to orphans with heart disease issues. These are great opportunities to be a  blessing and you are invited to be part of our next leadership conference in Ukraine in October, 2014. We also will be helping to lead a Messianic Jewish leadership conference for western Europe, sponsored by the IAMCS and our member congregation near Brussels, in late May, 2014. It's no too late to consider joining us in Belgium. Please contact us if you are interested in that gathering by writing me at rabbi@shalombirmingham.com.

   Any contributions for Ukraine relief can be sent to Rabbi David Schneier, c/o Beth Hallel Birmingham, 2230 Sumpter St. Birmingham, Al 35226. Your checks should be made payable to Beth Hallel Birmingham. As always, your contributions are tax deductible and no fees will be deducted by Beth Hallel to support our humanitarian aid to Ukraine other than the cost of the wires charged by our financial institutions. Please indicate on your contributions that the gift is for "Ukrainian relief." Gifts can also be made by credit or debit cards and by Paypal on our website at www.shalombirmingham.com under the donation button. After you fill out the financial information, on the next page you can indicate the purpose for the gift. There you can enter "Ukrainian relief."

   Thanks so much for your prayers and sowing into relief for Ukraine. Love and Shalom from David & Leslye Schneier.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Live on WDJC in Birmingham

     Tomorrow, April 4th, Leslye and I will be on WDJC radio (93.7 FM) at 6:30-7:30am on the Roxanne and Chris show. We'll be be discussing our 40 years in the Messianic Jewish movement, our move after 18 years from Europe to Birmingham, Al and our upcoming Community Passover Seder at the Cahaba Grand Conference Center. Shalom, David and Leslye Schneier

Saturday, March 29, 2014

A photo from long ago

     Here is a snap shot of me and our four kids maybe 33 years ago. I would have been 31. This is a staged shot but maybe some would believe we were a farming family in the 1930's. Leslye was the photographer no doubt. We could fill a museum with all of our photos especially if we printed all of the digital ones! Shalom, David Schneier

Calm before the storm? Some words from Ukraine.

      Another touching communique from Odessa, Ukraine. We will be there in late April, God willing. Pray for  and encourage the believers in Ukraine. Shalom, David Schneier

"Shalom Rabbi David!
      I began to write less because the news in the country and the city is not much. The country lives a bit in unstable condition. Mobilization suspended, at least in Odessa. Life goes on, and no significant changes are observed, in addition slightly increased the prices of food products. But it is not critical, so there was no panic or discontent in the society. People live their lives, but there is pretty tight news from the border of Ukraine and Russia. There are going more and more military forces from Russian side. Putin has said that they will not attack the Ukraine, and we so want to believe! But we know all too well how much are the words of this man! And we are pray before going to sleep that at night was no attack.
Your prayers are very much help us! Confidence in the prayer support from your side gives strength for me to believe in happy future! Thank you very much!!!

Friday, March 21, 2014

     This is a shop in Jerusalem. Is this a sign that God is for Alabama? Shalom. David Schneier

Russian President Vladimir Putin signs the final decree completing the annexation of Crimea in Moscow on Friday, March 21, as Upper House Speaker Valentina Matviyenko, left, and State Duma Speacker Sergei Naryshkin, right, watch. Russia's military activities in Crimea and its move to annex the region have been condemned by Ukraine's interim government in Kiev, the European Union and the United States. The standoff has sparked an international crisis, reviving concerns of a return to Cold War relations.
    Putin annexes (steals) Crimea from Ukraine and the West imposes travel bans. First Georgia and now Ukraine. What will it take to stop such dictators? Or shall we wait like we did in the 1930's with Hitler. Please pray for us as we travel to Ukraine on April 26th to encourage our Ukrainian brothers and sisters in the Messianic Jewish movement there. Want to help? Leave your contacts in a comment and we will get in touch. Shalom. David Schneier

Friday, March 14, 2014

Putin's future for Ukraine - Please pray his plans like Haman's are thwarted!

  This map was sent by a friend in Ukraine and you'll see what Putin's real intentions are in Eastern Europe. Shalom, David Schneier

"Shalom Rabbi David.
Here is how Putin sees Ukraine
Green highlighted part that should belong to Russia, according to Putin. This photo was published in the British newspaper Daily Mail."

Please click on the map to make it larger


Thursday, March 13, 2014

An Urgent Appeal for Help for Our Friends in Ukraine

 Most of you know that I, David, am the IAMCS representative for Europe which includes Ukraine. There are bout 18-20 IAMCS congregations in Ukraine that I work closely with on a day to day basis. Eight of those congregations are from Crimea.We will be leading the Central and Eastern IAMCS regional conference in late April in Odessa. All of the IAMCS congregations in Ukraine will be participating. We are entering our 19th year of encouraging the Messianic Jewish movement there and are very aware of how the turmoil in Ukraine is affecting the IAMCS congregations and their members. We have established ways of successfully channeling funds to the most needy there and have taken on a role here in Birmingham to make that happen if any one is interested. We do not have any admin costs related to gifts except for the cost of the wires.

  Unless there is war in the streets, we will be going to Ukraine to encourage our brothers and sisters in a month. We leave the US on April 26th so anyone who wants to participate in our efforts to raise funds can e-mail me at schneiers@aol.com or go to our website at www.shalombirmingham.com (Donation button, then financial info and then purpose of “Ukraine Relief” on the next page). This is a “such a time as this”moment, and we should carefully and prayerfully consider what all of us can do so that the Messianic Jewish movement survives this crisis. You should understand that many people who would help to support their congregations and their leaders are fearful now because no one knows what will happen if Russia annexes Crimea. Without help, these IAMCS congregational life lines could collapse within days or weeks. Please pray for Leslye and I as we prepare to stand next to our IAMCS congregations in Ukraine. Love and Shalom, David & Leslye Schneier

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Purim and Crimea: For such a time as this!

Dear Friends of Ukraine,

    This coming Sunday Putin will conduct, behind the scenes, a referendum in Crimea to see if the people want to join mother Russia again. Here is a report from Odessa which points out that the referendum occurs on Purim. This is another "for such a time as this" moment and once again the freedom of an oppressed people is at stake. Please pray for God's hand to cover the people of Crimea and Ukraine and the many believers, including Messianic Jewish congregations who belong to the International Alliance of Messianic Congregations and Synagogues which is based in Philadelphia, PA. I am the European Representative of the IAMCS which includes Ukraine. We lived in Odessa for 12 years and have worked with the Messianic leaders in our Alliance for 18 years. Many of our congregations are located in Crimea and all of our congregations throughout Ukraine need your help.
Please write me if you want to provide relief to these brave Ukrainian Messianic believers. Shalom, David Schneier

'A lot of news from Ukraine, but they are all like a rumors because there is an information blockade of the Crimea. Russian military did not allow into the territory of Crimea journalists and observers from Europe and Ukraine. We only know that everywhere there are captured military units. Praise the Lord that there are no dead or wounded! And we pray for all brothers and sisters in the Crimea!
Putin's people in the Crimea appointed referendum ( vote on the annexation of Crimea to Russia). America, Europe and Ukraine recognized these illegal actions ! But Putin does what he wants . And what's interesting : the referendum appointed on March 16 - a day of Purim ! Is it a coincidence ? " Pur is cast ! " More than ever, we are praying in the days of Purim in 2014! Fast of Esther becomes very vital significance for us all! Lord, save your people !'

Here are some pictures of demonstrations in Odessa against Russia:
Demonstrations on Deribosovskaya

The Potemkin Steps

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A baby girl is born in Odessa!

Dear Friends,

    Our leaders in Odessa, Ukraine just received a great blessing during all of the turmoil there. Their new daughter, Mirra, was born yesterday and here is our first glimpse of her. Please keep up the prayer for Sasha and Sarah in Odessa and all of their other Messianic Jewish congregations in Ukraine. Shalom, David & Leslye Schneier