Monday, April 7, 2014

On to Ukraine

    As we prepare to travel to Ukraine on April 26th to encourage IAMCS Messianic Jewish congregations from all over the country who will gather in Odessa, we ask you to pray for our travels and the right words and acts of encouragement for such a time as this. There are some reports of new unrest in eastern Ukraine near the Russian border. All of this agitation for "independence" in eastern Ukraine and Crimea is instigated by President Putin in his quest to regain Eastern Europe. In the midst of this potential civil war and drawing in of the EU and the US, we hope to be a ray of hope to believers whose lives have been disrupted by worldly and demonic powers who want to bring down freedoms won over 20 years ago. (See link at )

   During our trip we will host a banquet for survivors of the Holocaust and visit and minister to orphans with heart disease issues. These are great opportunities to be a  blessing and you are invited to be part of our next leadership conference in Ukraine in October, 2014. We also will be helping to lead a Messianic Jewish leadership conference for western Europe, sponsored by the IAMCS and our member congregation near Brussels, in late May, 2014. It's no too late to consider joining us in Belgium. Please contact us if you are interested in that gathering by writing me at

   Any contributions for Ukraine relief can be sent to Rabbi David Schneier, c/o Beth Hallel Birmingham, 2230 Sumpter St. Birmingham, Al 35226. Your checks should be made payable to Beth Hallel Birmingham. As always, your contributions are tax deductible and no fees will be deducted by Beth Hallel to support our humanitarian aid to Ukraine other than the cost of the wires charged by our financial institutions. Please indicate on your contributions that the gift is for "Ukrainian relief." Gifts can also be made by credit or debit cards and by Paypal on our website at under the donation button. After you fill out the financial information, on the next page you can indicate the purpose for the gift. There you can enter "Ukrainian relief."

   Thanks so much for your prayers and sowing into relief for Ukraine. Love and Shalom from David & Leslye Schneier.