Sunday, May 3, 2009

On the Road Again: Odessa, Ukraine

I am back in Odessa, Ukraine to visit with the Messianic congregation, Gateway to Zion, which we helped plant in 1995 and which we became leaders of in 1996. In the first photo, the congregation, led by Sasha, is worshipping the Lord and the middle photo is of the dedication of Elijah, our youngest "member. The last photo is of a wedding reception in McDonalds! My friend, Pastor Barry Boucher of Ottawa, and I are preparing for a leadership retreat in nearby Nikolaiv from May 6th to 8th and a time of sharing in the Messianic congregation there on the 9th. We expect 100 to 150 leaders and congregational members to attend. We should be back in Odessa on May 10th after sharing in a church led by a Jewish couple. We both return to Paris on the 12th and Barry leaves for Canada on the 13th. From May 19th to 29th we will host a team of 4 Messianic believers from the US and Canada including Messianic Rabbis David Chernoff and Jeff Forman. We will have meetings in Amsterdam on May 24th and Paris on May 27-28th to introduce our friends to Messianic leaders in Europe and to discuss the possibility of an all Europe Messianic conference in 2010 which Paul Wilbur has committed to be at. Please be in prayer for all of this and for Leslye in Paris while I am away for 2 weeks. Shalom. David Schneier