Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rebroadcast of my sharing at Passover celebration

Glory of Zion will be rebroadcasting the following from its Passover celebration:
Thursday, May 10 - Sunday, May 13: DAVID SCHNEIER
Passing Over into Unity, A Time for Reflection and Action on the Part of the Body of Christ!
You can find it at their website at Let me know if you had a chance to watch it. Shalom. David Schneier

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Where you can find us this Spring

 Leslye and I are back in Paris for a very busy time in Europe.The conference in Corinth, Texas (April 3-8) was very encouraging. I had a chance to share with several thousand people at the conference site and many thousands on the internet. First, I will be in Ukraine from April 16-23 for an IAMCS leadership conference in Nikolaiv. From April 28-May 5 we will be with a prayer team from Louisiana visiting sites in France where the Jews were protected from persecution including the small town of Le Chambon-sur-lignon that hid 5,000 Jews during WWII.

  Some time in May we are hoping to travel to Spain to visit Messianic Jewish groups there. Then we will travel to an IAMCS Messianic leadership conference in Belgium from June 1-3. Finally, Chuck Pierce will be sharing in a church in Paris on June 15th. We will travel with Chuck to Lyon where he will be ministering with Paul Wilbur.

  On the Parisian front, our Jewish neighbor, the opera singer, had just returned from China when we arrived from our trip to the Dallas area this past Monday. He asked me if I could explain to his children the meaning of Passover and a Bat Mitzvah. He is now exploring his Jewish roots since he was raised Catholic. I had a great time with his kids and got share how Yeshua was connected to Passover. Keep praying for our neighbor who is searching earnestly for spiritual meaning.

  So, as you can see, there is a lot in front of us. Please pray that these next few months will be fruitful for the kingdom of God. Shalom. David Schneier