Thursday, February 20, 2014

Update from Odessa, Ukraine

   This update is not for reproduction anywhere and can only be used by me as I see fit. Please respect this for the safety of the writer and Ukraine as well as my reporting proprietary interest.  Shalom, David Schneier

Hello Rabbi David!
Today I want to write a little bit of opinion about what is happening in the country.
Our family is trying to live a normal life and respond to conflict in the country, but we do not … want to become… disinterested in the situation in Kiev. In this complex situation, we are not tired thank the Lord that our streets are safe and secure! But we will not stop praying for the people living in the conflict zones. We ask for wisdom for people who own power, as well as wisdom for revolutionaries! In fact, today the conflict has gone beyond a peaceful protest, and revolutionaries also kill…the police. In such a situation, even peaceful people become aggressive and unmanageable. And to justify the revolutionaries I do not want! But they are fighting for the dream of democracy; they are dying for their children's future! But what for that boys who die in the form of "Berkut" (police )? Why do they make a terrible sin of murder? Because of money. According to official information, each fighter "Berkut" receives $ 500 a day, snipers for 2000 dollars a day. Scary to think that this is not isolated assassins, this 15 000 of people! 15,000 ordinary guys who just yesterday played football with your friends, smiled at the supermarket and were honored society. Who are they now? And for that they are forced to cross his life and conscience? Many dismissed from the police, but I think many people are afraid of subsequent prosecutions.
A war filled the air even in Odessa! Unfortunately, Odessa city supports Yanukovych and Russia! And 80 percent of the population here, hoping that “Russian troops intervene and kill all those who seek to…be part of.. Europe!" At the moment in Odessa it is dangerous to talk about Europe. If you'll be saying that you support the revolution, you can be beaten! I personally witnessed when one guy from our choir hit in the face the other team members, for what he said he does not want Ukraine to become part of Russia ... It was in the face of people who are still 5 minutes ago was his friend ! And this division of people and is the most terrible! After this confrontation everywhere! I can see it in the choir, at our daughter's school, in stores. This conflict could not be avoided even in the congregation ... this was at worship rehearsal, and our_____ as he could, trying not to touch the topic of Evromaydan (Kiev), but if people live about it and they could not remain silent. They started screaming ! But as it turned out, on the side of the revolution only _______All other members of the worship team support Yanukovych and way Ukraine to become part of Russia ! _____ firmly stopped the conversation and was very upset . But everyone is entitled to their own opinion! We just try not to talk to anyone about it! Who knows what could end this conversation?
My husband also have difficulties at work (on the ship) . Many foreigners refuse to come to Ukraine. Especially in the southern part (Odessa, Crimea)! Some radical people can perceive the English-speaking people as invaders! What can I say? If you can beat only for what you want to have relations with western countries . The fact that our family is committed to immigration, we are generally afraid to speak. Now it is difficult to predict what might happen. So, _____, is not likely to be able to work on this ship, we pray for his work and the future for our family.  Today it is difficult to predict what will happen tomorrow. Today at 15:00 in the stores have stopped accepting credit cards. Now my husband stays in a huge queue outside the ATM, trying to withdraw cash. There is panic, say zablakiruyut all the money in the banks, stop selling gasoline (petrol stations in the queue).
We pray and believe in the future for people and the country! Shalom ! And the peace for your country!_______

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Further update from source in Ukraine

  • The unrest is spreading south and west in Ukraine. How long will we be silent? Here are words from a source in Ukraine
    Shalom. David Schneier

    Now the military can detain and search people just on the streets!
    Today, the entire territory of Ukraine listing "anti-terrorist operation" with the involvement of the army.
    soldiers have the right to detain citizens to check their documents and make a personal inspection

  • 1:26pm
    In the city of Ternopil, head of "Berkut" (riot police, who oppose the revolutionaries) swear on the Bible to serve the Ukrainian people, and refuse to submit to the President!! Aliluya! Praise the Lord for such brave and honest people! Unfortunately this is just one city!
  • 1:45pm

    Maybe you do not know , but I am part of a professional choir , we sing classical works ( Bach, Beethoven , Mozart). Often act in Odessa and other cities ( I have traveled almost the whole of Europe with this choir ) . Today we had a concert in the German church, before the show came out the pastor assistant told us that today a number of senior ministers of the church led by Pastor were near the city administration. They stood peacefully with placards " Do not shoot innocent people , we want peace ! " .Half an hour after the action began, the bus arrived with "Berkut" and policemen jumped out with batons and beat a crowd of peaceful protists! Without warning or announcements! Affected people, the pastor of a German church in the hospital with a head injury!

    Lutheran Pastor in Odessa

New report from Ukraine

Just received this e-mail from the wife of our worship leader in Odessa.  As I receive more info I will share it with "all you all." Please keep up your prayer for these brave people. It may be that we can do something for them in the near future. I will let you know what that might be.Shalom. David Schneier

Dear David,
 ! consistently read your blog and are very grateful to you for your heart to Ukraine and all that is happening in our country! I know that you hang out with many people from Ukraine and before that we did not want to take much of your time to communicate with us, but now decided to write and extended our gratitude that you still part of our congragation and our country.
What is now happening in Kiev on Maydan and in the hearts and minds of all citizens across the country - it's scary ! People are being killed , imprisoned and beaten. People are dying on both sides ... and we pray for our country and our people , no matter who they are students-revolutionaries or police . We are all Ukrainians! If it will not be amiss, I'm ready to collect information about events in Ukraine and send you. Maybe this will be another source of information for you.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ukraine is on fire!

Ukraine is on fire! There are dead protestors and police lying in the streets. I tried calling Sasha today but I could not complete phone calls to his home or mobile phones. I am waiting for a response by e-mail but that may be cut off as well. Please be in prayer for our three friends and all who they serve in Ukraine. Shalom. David Schneier