Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Paris, Vichy Complicity, Bishops, Chavez and Ukraine

Lot's of things going on in Europe, but first some Paris views: Top photo - small cars and small garages, then torch lit protest by those who don't want the Euro or the EU, then typical parking, and finally Jesus and Freud action dolls in a children's store. Hard to figure out a common denominator here except that Paris is full of daily surprises. On the anti-Semitism front, the top French judicial body just ruled that the French Vichy government was responsible for the deportation of approximately 110,000 French Jews during WWII, most of whom died in concentration camps. The court known as the Council of State also ruled that no compensation was available for the deportees or their families as "the deportation had been 'compensated for' since 1945." Right! It did leave open the possibility of damages for a "daughter of a deportee as to her material and moral damages for her own personal suffering during and after the occupation." (Herald Tribune, Feb. 17, 2009, p. 8). Almost 60 years after the fact and they still haven't gotten this right yet.

Haven't heard if the Bishop, who was reinstated by the Pope even though he doesn't believe the Holocaust happened, has recanted. Anyone have an update? And Chavez it seems is dictator for life. Keep following the story of how the Jews of Venezuela are being blamed for having their synagogue defaced.

Finally my time in Odessa and Nikolaiv, Ukraine has been set for April 29th through May 12th. We are going to have an awesome leadership retreat with some real heroes of Eastern Europe - They are pioneers in one of the most significant moves of God in the world amongst the Jewish people. Shalom from France. David Schneier