Saturday, June 1, 2013

Norway keeps leading the way in European anti-Semitism

No let up in sight in Europe as anti-Semitism morphs into horrible images reminiscent of Nazi anti-Jewish cartoon propaganda. How about a ban against trade and travel to Norway until they begin to prosecute hate speech under their existing laws. From David Schneier in Paris.

Circumcision Cartoon In Norwegian Newspaper Angers Jewish Groups

The Huffington Post UK  |  By Paul Vale Posted: 31/05/2013 11:56 BST  |  Updated: 31/05/2013 12:15 BST

Jewish groups have spoken out against a cartoon published in a Norwegian newspaper that portrays circumcision as an act of barbarism. The European Jewish Congress (EJC) called the depiction a “hate crime” and is considering legal action, while the Anti Deformation League (ADL) called the cartoon “sickening” and “deeply offensive”.

The cartoon, which was published in Norway’s Dagbladet newspaper on Tuesday, shows a Rabbi with a devil’s pitchfork stabbing a baby in the head. A woman is cutting off the child’s tow, while blood spurts over a religious book. In the caption the woman tells a policeman: “Mistreating? No, this is tradition, an important part of our belief!” The officer retorts: “Belief? Oh yes, then it is all right.”

In response, Dr Moshe Kantor, the President of the EJC, said: “This cartoon has crossed all lines of decency and is dripping with hate and anti-Semitism. We are now studying the possibility that this legally constitutes incitement to hatred and even a hate crime and will require legal action if this proves to be the case.”

He added: “This is a violent cartoon which is meant to inspire hate and contempt against one particular people. This type of hate, reminiscent of Nazi propaganda, cannot be left unanswered, and it is exactly this type of incitement which is contributing to a very troubling period for minorities in Europe at this time, especially with the rise of the far right.”

Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Torah and Paris

  Just before Shavuot the IAMCS Messianic congregation in Paris received an awesome gift - a Torah - from Rabbis Zachi Shapira. More on that in another update. The weekend later, on May 26th, I was able to share that gift at a gathering/conference/concert sponsored by Paul Wilbur and Chuck Pierce. For those of you don't know French history, there was a time that Torahs and Talmuds were confiscated from Jewish synagogues and burned in public in Paris. The return of a Torah from IsraeI to the Messianic movement in Paris was a sign of revival from the Lord. We experienced those winds of revival at the IAMCS leadership conference the week before and the same thing happened at the Paul Wilbur/Chuck Pierce gathering as I walked the Torah amongst several thousand people. Many people, Jew and Gentile, kissed the Torah as it passed by. 
Baruch Hashem!!!Shalom from David Schneier in Paris.


And so it begins

Just thought you would like an update on the slow death of the basic freedoms of association, speech and religion in the US. Is anyone alarmed!!! From David Schneier in Paris

News Release : May 30, 2013 : Karen England – Capitol Resource Institute

(Sacramento, CA)—The following statement can be attributed to Karen England, Executive Director of Capitol Resource Institute, in response to the passage of Senate Bill 323 on the floor of the California State Senate.

Today the Senate passed SB 323, the bill revoking the tax exempt status of non-profit youth organizations, including private schools, should they not hire, or allow as leaders, persons whose sexual conduct is against the beliefs of such institutions.

Last week, the Boy Scouts of America compromised their constitutional right to choose who they may allow as members into the organization. The BSA council voted to allow homosexual boys into the membership but did not change the policy regarding homosexual adult members. Immediately after the vote was announced, Equality California released a statement rejecting the Scouts failure to embrace full equality.

Today the bill's author, Senator Lara, says the Scouts did not go far enough and demands that homosexual adults be allowed as leaders into the youth group and seeks to use the coercive power of government by revoking the tax-exempt status of any non-profit youth organization that does not comply with his views.

Senator Lara did not speak for us all today when he claimed SB 323 brings our laws in line with our values. This bill is about government vilifying our values and abusing its power to penalize, through taxation, those who hold different beliefs and values. SB 323 is an unprecedented intrusion by the government and a far-reaching assault on freedoms of association, speech, and religion.

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