Sunday, October 18, 2015

Attack in the Beersheva

    Here's an account from a friend who lives in Beersheva in Israel. These terrorists are not freedom fighters. They're just murderers. So I guess, Secretary Kerry, it's Israel's fault as usual. Time to give our government leaders the boot. Where are the voices of indignation in the US anymore? Asleep, otherwise occupied, indifferent or joining the ranks of the anti-Semites. Let's make Israel the real issue in the upcoming elections so Jewish people can make a real choice in the US and dump those who won't stand up to the real gangsters in the Middle East. Shalom. David Schneier

From "The Telegraph"

"Shalom David,

Last night at approximately 19:30 a terrorist from Shuafat neat Jerusalem
entered the Beersheva Central Bus Station, armed with a handgun, ammunition
and a knife. Somehow he passed through security unchallenged. There are many
Bedouin and other Arabs who freely move through Beersheva, so being Arab
would not have been cause enough to raise suspicions. Nevertheless, he
should have been checked.

He entered the bus station and tried to knife a woman in her twenties. She
kneed him and sprayed him with pepper gas, then fled with him in pursuit.
She then slipped and feel, knocking herself unconscious.

The terrorist came up behind a 19 year -old new soldier Omri Levi, shot or
stabbed him from behind (mortally wounding him), and stole his army-issue
M-16. The terrorist then began spraying semi-automatic bullets wildly at
civilians in the enclosed shopping mall area of the Central Bus Station. He
wounded  5 civilians seriously, and was set upon by police, four of whom he
wounded lightly.

The security chief at the bus station came running into the scene and saw
one dark-skinned man fleeing. He mistakenly identified him as a terrorist,
but the man was actually an Eritrean man (either legal or illegal, I don't
know) and shot him in hot pursuit. The man just died of his wounds this

The terrorist ran out of the bus station and hid in an adjoining cubicle,
where he was apprehended by security forces and eliminated.

Total toll - eleven wounded, two killed, terrorist killed.

The Hundred Years' War continues."