Thursday, November 18, 2010

Graffiti artists beware! Florence, Italy does not want you

Not much needs to be added! Shalom from Italy. David Schneier

Messianic Jewish conference in Italy

Leslye and I (on right) with Lorenzo and Therese
   My wife, Leslye, and I had three jam-packed days in Imola, Italy helping host a conference with an Italian Messianic alliance headed up by Giovanni Melchionda. We had 75 people attend from cities all around Italy and even from other countries in Europe. Leslye was a major part of the sharing at the conference and was very well received by all.  Also Messianic Leader Lorenzo Greco took part in teaching at the conference. His congregation in Belgium is a member of the IAMCS (International Alliance of Messianic Congregations and Synagogues).
   This was our first IAMCS activity in Italy and I am sure we'll be going back to build on the relationships that have just begun there. We also visited Florence where we were able to see the synagogue that is home to 1,000 Jewish people. Even with that number, they do not have enough regular worshippers to have a minyan during the week. There are only about 28,000 Jews left in Italy. The photo of the star of David below is actually of a church in Florence. The synagogue is next to the church photo
Giovanni Melchionda and David in Bologna

Messianic leader Lorenzo Greco of Belgium

Italian Messianic conference-Imola, Italy

David Schneier in Imola, Italy

Star of David on a church in Florence

Synagogue of Florence
   If any of you are interested in attending our next leadership conference in Odessa Ukraine (March 29-31) and our congregational service on April 2nd, please respond to this blog.
Shalom. David Schneier