Sunday, November 26, 2017

Does Due Process apply to accusations of improper sexual conduct?

House Minority Leader, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, on Due Process for those
accused of improper sexual conduct

Recently elected officials, producers, directors and actors have been accused of improper and even criminal sexual conduct. Some feel due process have nothing to do with that. Others, like House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi, now argue the opposite. Recently she was quoted as saying, in an interview, that Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) deserves “due process” in the wake of the sexual harassment allegations that have been leveled against him. These accusations were very specific against Rep Conyers but Rep. Pelosi argued that Rep Conyers was an "icon" and by implication should be given the benefit of doubt. Well, it seems that the due process argument for Rep Conyers also applies to Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore who also is an "icon" in Alabama for many. In Proverbs 18:17 it is written, "The first one to plead his cause seems right, until his neighbor comes and examines him." I hope and pray that the voters of Alabama will take note of the due process guarantees in the Bible and weigh the truth of the accusations in light of daily inconsistencies and bias coming out when the facts are carefully examined. At that point, you should make your choice of who to vote for based on what future is important to you for Alabama and America. Shalom. Rabbi David Schneier

Monday, July 17, 2017

Update on my son, Jacob Schneier

Helping Jacob get back on the road!

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The Story

Some of you may remember that our son, Jacob Schneier, was severely injured in a car accident on January 19, 2017. He could have easily lost his life in the crash. He suffered fractures of three neck vertebrae, a shattered hip, a broken nose, a severe concussion, fractured femur, fractured jaw and the loosening of three of his front teeth. He spent a month in the hospital including inpatient physical rehabilitation.
His recovery has been quite spectacular as he is walking with a cane at this point. He has accumulated about $10,000 in prior medical bills that need to be covered as well as future costs for physical rehabilitation, dental procedures and doctor followup costs. We were successful in having the hospital costs covered as a charity case which greatly reduced Jacob's financial burden. Right now we are trying to raise $20,000 for past and future medical bills, first and last month's rent, security deposit and utility deposits (Jacob had to let go previous apartment because it was a three flight walk-up), fees for 5 months of storage and costs for moving expenses to and from the storage place. Please be generous in helping Jacob finish his recovery and get back to work in order to live a productive life.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Help for our son, Jacob Schneier

  Trying to get the word out about our son, Jacob Schneier, who was severely injured as a passenger in a car accident on January 19, 2017. He has fractured vertebrae in his neck, loosened teeth, his left hip was shattered, his nose was broken and he suffered a sever concussion. At the time of the accident, he did not have any health insurance yet from his new job. He may have been accepted for Medicaid in Tennessee but many of his medical expenses may not be covered. He had to let go of his apartment because it will be some months before he can use stairs again. We will have to move his belongings into storage in February and he has no job to go back to. Right now he is in an intensive physical rehab unit of the hospital that performed hip and dental surgery on him. By this coming Monday, we need to find him a longer term rehab situation as his injuries continue to mend.

    How can you help? First, you can pray for his recovery. Next, we have set up a fund at "You Caring" for his financial needs. It's similar to Go Fund Me. You can go to his page at and enter in a gift for him. If you would like to receive a tax donation letter for a gift, you can send a check, made out to Beth Hallel, to Beth Hallel Congregation, 2230 Sumpter St., Birmingham, AL 35226 with a note that the gift is for the benevolence fund for Jacob Schneier. There is also the option to sending a gift online to our congregational website which is at There is a donate button on the website but you have to include a comment that it is for the "Jacob Schneier Benevolence fund. Thanks so much for whatever you can send in for Jacob as we sort out all of his needs in the months ahead.

Blessings, Love and Shalom,
David & Leslye Schneier