Thursday, September 3, 2015

Send the Clerk to the Slammer - What are the Feds thinking?

Well, I have been off the blog for a while but the Feds sending Kim Davis to the slammer was irresistible. Is this the face of a criminal?

Not hardly. The thing is that if we don't follow the orders of 5 folks from DC we get a free pass to jail despite our consciences. So here's what I say: Let's fill the jails, like in the 60's, with those who will not compromise their religious beliefs. You're talking about millions of believers who are fed up with religious persecution. There are enough of us to cause the judicial  system to come to a halt. They can't house us all and feed us all. Then compromise and accommodation will break through.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote that the ultimate duty of the believer, when the state neglects to protect its citizens, is to be a spoke thrown into the wheel of government. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr understood this principle and through non-violence got the ball rolling against racism. Also remember that many of the leaders in the Southern civil rights movement were pastors. I can't say the same for the same sex marriage movement and they don't have the statesmanship and character that the civil rights movement had. Just a thought as we finish up the Shemitah year and head into 5776. Shalom, David Schneier