Friday, April 12, 2013

The best everything store in Paris

   This is the best everything store in Paris and it's one block from our apartment. It has been in business for over 100 years and the current proprietor has been there almost 40 years. If he doesn't have it, it doesn't exist. No Walmart here. Only one thing - French is required. Try explaining you need fishing line to restring a necklace when your not fluent in the language. Shalom from France. David Schneier

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Our Spring Schedule

Dear All,

   Here is our schedule so far for this Spring and Summer:

1. David in Crimea and Odessa, Ukraine: April 18-31.

2. Paris IAMCS leadership conference: May 10-12

3. Paul Wilbur and Chuck Pierce worship conference and concert: May 24-26

4. MJAA Messiah conference: June 30-July 7

5. Beth Simcha, Wilmington, NC: July 20

6. Zagreb, Croatia: Sept 26-30

    We have the weekends open on July 13 and September 7th, possible June 22, and possibilities for David to travel in August if anyone is interested for us to come. Shalom, David & Leslye

Images from Europe, Israel and the US

Sharing God's love with an Orthodox Jew in Paris
Street art in Paris

Outdoor seating in Jerusalem made of concrete

Paris is a dieter's nightmare

Beware of camels and artillery fire in Israel

An indescribable musical instrument in Paris

Demonstrations in Paris on our corner

New York movers. What else?

Opera house in Odessa, Ukraine

Notre Dame service to honor and remember 7 million Ukrainian farmers starved or worked to death in Siberia by the Soviets who wanted to collectivize all farming in Ukraine. The world watched and did nothing.

A moment during the service

Street Klezemer music in Paris in the Jewish quarter