Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Refugees, Holocaust survivors and orphans in Ukraine

The news from Ukraine comes and goes but photos seem to bring everything back to reality. In five months the Ukrainian Hrivna went fro 13 to the US dollar to as high as 30 to the dollar. While we are Odessa and Nikolaiv  less than a week ago, the Hrivna had settled back to 25 to the dollar. Can you imagine what you would be going through if that happened in your country while prices rise, war rages in the east and work is hard to find? Here are some photos from the region that tell of a story still going on while we celebrate Passover or Easter.

Let's start in this part of the blog with refugees who have moved West in Ukraine with only what they could carry. Let's keep the pressure for the US to do something to stop the madness in Ukraine. Shalom, David Schneier