Monday, September 16, 2013

Dear Friends of the Schneiers,

    We are about to return to Europe so here is an update of what has happened there this past spring and an exciting development in our international ministry to the Jewish people.

    This past spring has been awesome especially at our leadership conferences in Yevapatoria, Ukraine and Paris, France and at a worship/prophetic conference/concert with Paul Wilbur and Chuck Pierce in Paris as well.

  I, David, helped lead a leadership conference with Pastor Barry Boucher (from Canada) in Ukraine from April 22-25th. We are really a one new man team! I spent two weeks in Ukraine so I had more time to interact with Messianic leaders and our congregation in Odessa. Our upcoming conferences are in Nikolaiv at the end of October 2013 and Odessa at the end of April, 2014.  Anyone of you could participate in the leadership conferences and western Ukraine trip by getting in touch with me at In Odessa there are opportunities to encourage and listen to survivors of the Holocaust, bless orphans in the 6-8 orphanages we serve in and to participate in the revival of Messianic Jewish outreach and congregations there.

   Back to Yevapatoria - We had 160 leaders and congregants plus many children attend the 3 day conference. I spent a lot of my time sharing about loyalty especially as a necessary foundation for revival. The relationships amongst congregations and leaders active in the Messianic movement in Ukraine who are part of the IAMCS (International Alliance of Messianic Congregations & Synagogues continue to grow deeper as we hope to establish a strong Messianic movement there.
Men dancing in Crimea
    After the conference we returned to Odessa to bless Holocuast survivors, orphans and gather together for Shabbat. It was so touching to be with the survivors, orphans and members of our congregation which we helped plant in 1995, some 18 years ago.
Banquet for Holocaust Survivors in Odessa
   Following the conference in Ukraine, I returned to Paris where Leslye and I and the Messianic congregation El Bethel, led by Messianic Rabbi Emmanuel Rodriguez, organized a 3 day Messianic leadership conference there. About 150 people attended from England, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Belgium, Croatia, France, Italy and Switzerland. The highlight of the conference was the presentation of a Torah scroll to the congregation by Messianic Rabbis Tzahi Shapira from the US. Great celebration broke out and relationships amongst some of the leaders were healed. Here is a link to a video of the presentation. A week later the same Torah was carried through a gathering of over 2,000 people during a worship and prophetic conference in Paris led by Paul Wilbur and Chuck Pierce.
Torah donated to Paris IAMCS congregation, El Bethel

Torah processional at Paul Wilbur and Chuck Pierce Conference in Paris

   Right now were are preparing to return to Europe for our first trip to Croatia where we will be celebrating Sukkot with a church there that loves the Jewish people, the Feasts of the Lord and the Land of Israel. We will also be in Nikolaiv, Ukraine in late October for an IAMCS leadership conference. The Chairman of the IAMCS, Rabbi Frank Lowinger, will be attending and teaching. Please pray for that Holy Spirit lead and fill us during this time of teaching, worship and fellowship. After the conference we will be hosting a gathering of Holocaust Survivors in Odessa and ministering to orphans.
Zagreb, Croatia
   We so appreciate you continued prayers and support of our work in Europe. As we write this e-mail we begin a transition in our ministry which the Lord has opened up to us much like our call to Ukraine and then to Paris. We have moved from being lawyers in the DC area to planting congregations in Ukraine and then to encouraging the Messianic movement in all of Europe from Paris. The Lord has called us to move our international ministry base to Birmingham, AL where we will lead the Beth Hallel Birmingham Messianic Congregation while continuing our outreach to the Jews of Europe. The congregation has agreed to let us continue our work in Europe but it will be your financial support that will keep this ministry going because Beth Hallel is rebuilding and is not in a position to underwrite our efforts.

    We had seen great progress in Europe in the last 18 years and your monthly and annual gifts will undergird the continued growth of the Messianic movement there. Beth Hallel is not in a position to to make a financial commitment and we explained to them that we cannot abandon those whom we have served for almost 20 years. So it seems we will do both with your continued support for the international work. Please see this as another door the Lord is taking us through which you can continue to be a part of. Thanks so much for your faithfulness over all these years and please join us as our work goes global. Our vision is that the partnership of our European ministry (we call it the Messianic Initiative) and Beth Hallel Birmingham will bring forth a new wineskin for the Messianic movement that focuses on reaching the Jewish people through congregational life, outreach at home and abroad, abundant worship and praise, a "one new man" environment in spirit and in truth and an expectation of a strong move of the Holy Spirit as the normal course of Messianic Jewish life. If you want to continue to be a partner in our work in Europe, here is how you can do that:

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The Schneiers
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   Blessings, Love and Shalom,

       David & Leslye

Sunday, September 15, 2013

From David & Leslye

Dear All,

   We have accepted the positions as Rabbi and Rebbetzin of Messianic Congregation Beth Hallel Birmingham beginning on November 8, 2013. We will continue our international ministry in Europe with Beth Hallel as our base. Our vision is that the congregation will be a hub for outreach to the Jewish people, both in the US and Europe, that it will be a center of praise and prayer, that it will serve to the poor and that there will be an expectation of a mighty move of the Holy Spirit there.

   The installation will be at Beth Hallel on November 8th and all are invited. We call on all of our supporters of our European ministry to continue to do so we can maintain and expand the outreach to the Jewish people abroad while serving as congregational leaders in the US. Please pray for us as this transition will be challenging to say the least as we have lived in an urban environment for 18 years abroad in Odessa and Paris.

   Blessings, Love and Shalom. David and Leslye