Thursday, August 4, 2011

Update on Europe from the Schneiers

Dear Friends of the Schneiers,

    We have had an awesome Spring in Europe and it's time for an update as to all the Lord has done since we last wrote. The most memorable moments since mid-Winter were two Messianic gatherings in Odessa, Ukraine and Amsterdam, our time with a Jewish, atheist American playwright in Paris, sharing at a Passover gathering with Chuck Pierce in Denton, Texas and a "France on Fire" gathering in the Cevenne region of France. Each had its own significance and we'd like to share with you these times and places, let you know our summer schedule which has been revised and lay out some urgent and significant needs we are experiencing right now.

   First, we held our semi-annual leadership gathering in Odessa, Ukraine at the end of March followed by a trip to Auschwitz. What was immediately significant was that a team of 14 came from Rabbi Eric Walker's congregation in Birmingham including Eric and his wife, Lora. Also joining in was Rabbi Joel Liberman and three of his congregants from San Diego, CA. Rounding out the list of International participants were Jarda and Rut Kupka, leaders of the IAMCS congregation in Prague and Messianic Italian leader, Giovanni Melchionda whose congregation in Ancona, Italy has applied for membership in the IAMCS. Two other congregations have also applied for IAMCS congregational membership including one from Western Ukraine from the city of Uzgorod and one from London, England. When these congregations have been accepted for membership we will have grown from five European congregations in 2007 when David became the European Representative for the IAMCS to twenty-five. Please pray as we seek the Lord's will to venture out into Spain and Germany perhaps in the fall of 2011.


David sharing in Odessa 
Teams from CA, AL, Italy and Czech Republic

   We had 15 Ukrainian congregations attend our leadership conference. This is the first time since when our Odessa congregation was planted in 1995 that large team came from the US to labor with us in the Ukrainian Messianic revival. Over the three day retreat, approximately 200 attended. We were so blessed with the words brought by Rabbis Eric Walker and Joel Liberman and Messianic leaders Giovanni Melchionda and Jarda and Rut Kupka. Part of Odessa conference included men's and women's breakout sessions led by Rabbis David and Eric and Rebbetzin Lora and Leslye. It was the first time in four years that Leslye was back in Ukraine and everyone in the Odessa congregation, as well as many from throughout Ukraine, were so glad to see her and catch up on what the Lord has been doing in their lives. The times of worship and praise were so joyful and everywhere you could see unity, friendship and service.  Our leadership gatherings usually occur in late October and late March (before or after Jewish holidays) and if you would like to participate, please let us know.

    My (David's) focus was on what it meant to be a citizen in the Kingdom of God and how that translated into being an involved and fruitful citizen wherever we are from. I used as a text and recent biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer entitled "Bonhoeffer" by Eric Metaxes. It was clear in the book that Bonhoeffer came to the conclusion that the Body of Messiah had a duty to call the State into account if it was violating its duty to protect its citizens. Along side of this conclusion was his understanding that the life of the true believer is one of "seeing and doing." Our life in Messiah was to be active not theoretical, requiring one to see what the Lord was directing us to do and simply doing it without regard to fear or personal loss. His words remind us of what Yeshua said in Matthew 10 that we should "go," "preach," "heal" "raise" and "cast out."

    Bonhoeffer paid the ultimate price by opposing Hitler and his Nazi regime. He was forbidden to teach, be a pastor to the fledgling German Church not under Hitler's control, to write, and finally he was imprisoned, tortured and hung just before the end of WWII. He risked his life of privilege because he was certain that the body of Messiah's duty was to protect the Jewish people. He wrote that a church that did not protect the Jews was not part of the Body of Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah. I strongly recommend reading this lengthy work to refresh your understanding of what it means to be an active and committed citizen of the kingdom of God. One man's actions can change the course of history and that could involve any one of us. Here's what he said about passivity in the face of evil: "Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act."


Dietrich Bonhoeffer                      
                                 Football in Europe today. Will we be silent again!

    Following the conference we had a banquet for survivors of the Holocaust. In Odessa. There is now the makings of a 2nd congregation of survivors, their children and grand children. It was so touching to sit, eat, sing, dance and share with the survivors over several hours at the banquet. I told those who came from the US not to ask questions about the survivors experiences but to let them volunteer their stories. One survivor blurted out that he was the sole survivor of the burning of over 20,000 Jewish people in wooden barns in Odessa after the Nazis occupied the city. Needles to say that broke the ice and many other conversations occurred during our precious time together. 
Bringing gifts to orphans in Odessa

Rejoicing with survivors of the Holocaust


                                 The US and European team also had a chance to visit two of the six orphanages we serve in Odessa. We were shown what they can accomplish with the little they have and how grateful they were of our support through the financial contributions from a US based foundation connected to Messianic Rabbi Walter Leiber. For example, they showed us a new pump that we purchased for them that now keeps the orphanage warm since it uses much less electricity to operate. New windows also keep out the cold from notoriously drafty Ukrainian orphanages. We work hand in hand with the orphanages to identify what are the most critical needs and plan the budgets so that these needs can be met. In the orphanage for children who have hearing problems, we have secured computer equipment that can help those who have some degree of hearing. The list goes on and on of the miracle provision of aid and mercy from the God of Israel to the "the least of these."  Would you like to be a partner in these children's lives in Ukraine?

    European Unity in Amsterdam: In late May we held our 2nd IAMCS European conference in Amsterdam which drew about 150 participants. Messianic Rabbis Jeff Forman and David Chernoff came from the US to share and Joel Chernoff led the worship and praise. Last year Messianic Rabbi Joel Liberman spoke about Yeshua as God and this year I emphasized Him also being fully man who brought a Jewish Gospel. We are planning for a much larger conference in late May or early June of 2012 and all are invited. This year we were blessed to have Messianic leader Lorenzo Greco from Belgium share on Yeshua in the Old Testament. The team from the Netherlands under the banner of the Menorah Foundation gained some valuable experience for future gatherings in Europe.
Rabbi David Chernoff praying for conferees. Worshipping in Holland

                                           Rabbi Lorenzo Greco from Belgium        

Joel Chernoff in concert.    

    Passover in Texas: I, David, was invited by Chuck Pierce to share my testimony at the Passover gathering at Glory of Zion. Thousands of believers were present and thousands more joined in from all over the world via the internet. The general theme was passing over into your inheritance. I was able to share to the mostly non-Jewish audience the thought that the Body of Messiah could not enter into its full inheritance without the Messianic Jewish movement. I also explained that the time for the marginalizing of Messianic Jews in God's plan for worldwide revival was over. All of the comments we heard after I shared were so encouraging because many had never heard from a Jewish believer before. The vehicle for my thoughts was what I called a "Tri-Generational Testimony" which incorporated the lives of my grand parents and parents as well as my own life as a Jew and then as a Messianic Jew. We were also encouraged that Chuck opened this ministry opportunity to us because it showed his commitment to the Jewish people and Israel and to the Messianic Jewish movement.

    Revival in France: Right after the conference in Amsterdam, Leslye and I traveled to the south of France in the Cevenne region to be part of a prophetic gathering of believers mostly from France. We often hear people say how "dark" France is spiritually but that was not the case amongst the believers in the packed hall in St. Jean-du-Gard. To get there we had to take a plane, two trains and then a taxi because the bus was canceled. The worship and teaching were so filled with the Spirit and the unity was so pleasant, Keep praying for revival in France. Next May, 2012 the presidential voting will begin. President Sarkozy has been very supportive of Israel but he may be replaced by a Socialist contender who won't. All of you know the story of Dominque Strauss-kahn who was arrested for allegedly raping a hotel maid in NYC. He is Jewish, a Socialist and he was the prime contender poised to defeat President Sarkozy. His being Jewish is no guarantee that he would be equally supportive of Israel because of the track record of the French Socialist party. Please also pray for the upcoming elections in France which is a key country in Europe.

    "Lord, send me Jewish people!": Finally, you may remember my prayer for the Lord to send us Jewish people to share with. In Paris, we attended a play reading by an American playwright who is also a Nobel prize wining chemist. After the play he shared his life story including that he was a survivor of the Holocaust. He proudly proclaimed also that he was an atheist. Leslye and I spoke with him about our work with survivors in Ukraine who have told us that they knew God had worked miracles so they could survive. I followed up on our initial meeting with an e-mail and so the slow process of befriending this Jewish man. Please pray for the Lord to open his heart because it is only the Spirit that draws men. It is the goodness of God that leads men to repentance.

                          "Your what kind of Rabbi?"

 Sharing in Brooklyn where David was asked, "So what kind of a Rabbi are you?"


1. July 3-10: Messiah College (David will be sharing at one of the daily seminars)

2. July 15: Beth Yeshua, Philadelphia, PA

3. July 22: Beth Hallel, Birmingham, AL

4. August 21: Christian Renewal Church, Brunswick, GA

5. August 27: Beth Simcha, Wilmington, NC


  There are several urgent needs we are experiencing right now that require prayer and some action on your part if possible:

1, We wrote you about our daughter's, Rachel's, health struggles with extremely low blood pressure bouts. She experienced some time of relief but she continues to have to deal with this condition that causes extreme dizziness. These physical attacks interfere with or at times prevent her from leading her normally productive life as a wife, mom and home school teacher of two of her children. Please pray for a total healing of this condition.

2. We have been struggling with replacing our health insurance which ended on June 1st. I have enrolled Leslye in an new plan. Please pray for this process for me as the replacement insurance for both of us will cost at least $1,400/month or $16,800 per year. My application for the high priced replacement insurance was just approved.

3. Our 1991 vehicle died on the way to visit Leslye's Mom in Atlanta. We were exiting I-75 to I-575, entering traffic from the left lane, when the transmission gave out. Thank God the lower gear still worked and we were not stranded on the shoulder or in one of the fast moving lanes of the interstate. We stayed in the Atlanta area with Leslye's Mom until we found a car we could buy which we did after a three day search. We put down $2,000  for a Ford crossover van so we could afford the monthly payments. We do a lot of traveling while we are in the US and this will be our primary mode of transportation. If you could help in anyway to defray the cost of the down payment of $2,000 or the loan of about $14,000 it would be much appreciated. The need to cover the down payment is immediate and a monthly donation for the balance of the loan and increased insurance is about $300/month. Information as to gifts to our ministry appears below.

4. Contact and feedback from you: Please stay in touch with us through our web site,, our blog, and our e-mail at It is so important for us to hear from you by way of comments, encouragement and what the Lord might be saying to you after you read our various ways of communicating.

    Have a blessed summer. Hope we see you at one of our times of sharing.
    Love and Shalom.
   David and Leslye Schneier
   David and Leslye Schneier