Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Arab Spring? What a farce!

So much for the future of the Arab spring. Here's what is coming out of the glorious people's revolution in Egypt as reported on the CFCA website on September 5, 2011 (www.antisemitism.org.il). Netanyahu portrayed as Hitler. What if someone did the same for the leaders of Hamas, Hezbollah or Islam. Their lives would be in jeopardy. The Arab Spring is a sham and now is being used as a front for anti-Semitism. The West needs to take off its rose colored glasses! Shalom. David Schneier

Egypt / 05-09-2011

Egyptian magazine draws Netanyahu as Hitler

Here is the front cover of the current issue of Egypt's state-run October magazine:

The article goes through a history of Israel's supposed "war crimes" which they claim is on par with those of Nazi Germany.