Sunday, December 4, 2011

Final Day of Fellowship in London

     On my way back to Paris, soon to be under the English Channel. I had three full days here with Larry Trishkin and his congregation. Larry overseas a Messianic congregation and a Russian speaking church that is Messianic oriented. Spoke to many Jewish believers some who came from Ukraine or Russia so I was really in my element. The level of their hospitality and openness reminded me of my days in Odessa. The congregation in London has a good vision of where they want to go and I would be surprised if they did not reach what they want to see - a Messianic Jewish congregation that walks in the Spirit and in truth, that is dedicated to the Word of God and. and that yearns without apology for the salvation of the Jewish people. Please pray for Derech HaShem in London. Shalom. David Schneier.

Larry Trishkin and I at the Sherlock Holmes Museum in London