Saturday, April 30, 2011

Passover in Texas

Just got back to Paris from Passover in Denton, Texas with Chuck Pierce and all the folks at Glory of Zion. They had thousands attend and many thousands on the internet. I had been asked to share my testimony and the Lord showed me a "Tri-Generational Testimony" to share - the story of my grandfather from Austria, my dad from the Bronx and my life as a Jew raised in NYC and later as a Messianic Jew. You can get the DVD from Many people told me after I shared that it was the first time they heard clearly what it meant to be a Jewish believer in Yeshua, Jesus. I spoke about being a Messianic Jew from shetel roots in Austria (now Ukraine), indifference to the salvation of the Jewish people as being anti-Semitism and how it would take a close, working and brotherly relationship of Jews and Gentiles for all of us to Pass-over into our full inheritance as the body of Messiah. Praise God for this unique opportunity to share with many believers all over the world of the unique calling of the Messianic Jewish movement. Shalom. David Schneier

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